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Computer Vision and PPE Detection: More than Just Masks

Computer Vision and PPE Detection: More than Just Masks

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues through its third year, things have largely returned to normal for most Americans. Mask requirements – once a ubiquitous sign of pandemic life – have mostly disappeared as case numbers have decreased. Personal protective equipment of other sorts, however, isn’t going anywhere. Though you may no longer check for a mask before leaving the house, PPE remains vitally important for many businesses.

Raise a Glass to Vision AI: QC for Brewers & Beverage Manufacturers

The sheer number of recalls that occur each year suggest that typical best practices for identifying, tracking, and remediating hazards simply aren’t working well enough. Plainsight can help businesses of all sizes ensure the quality of all types of products by expediting and simplifying the process for creating and deploying custom AI models for proactively identifying risk factors, tracing contamination to the source, and identifying impacted process stations and equipment.

SmartML: Fool-Proof Model Training

SmartML: Fool-Proof Model Training

All vision AI projects—from the exploratory to the everyday—start with developing and training AI models. Unfortunately, the training process can prove challenging and time-consuming, leading many organizations to abandon projects in their early stages.

Computer Vision for Healthcare: Empowering Providers to Enhance Patient Care

By both mimicking and supplementing the powers of the human eye, AI-powered computer vision technology is helping doctors, nurses, and businesses across the healthcare sector better support patient needs. New insights from real-time video analytics help them save time, money and lives while developing safer, more efficient processes for everything from patient intake to the operating room and beyond.

Vision AI for Restaurants : A Side of Super-Sized Insights

From innovators to laggards, industry titans to mom & pop shops, just about every single restaurant in America had to rethink business as usual when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Though restaurant doors have long since reopened to dine-in customers, the struggle to stay ahead of the competition and meet rising demand for takeout, curbside, and delivery services continues.

Lights, Camera, Vision: AI and Oscars Fashion

To get in the Oscars spirit, Plainsight decided to shake up the conversation once again and introduce vision AI to Academy Awards. We dove into the Oscars fashion archives to develop a model for classifying suits and dresses. Our goal was to determine whether or not a vision AI model trained on Best and Worst-dressed lists would agree with popular consensus.

Vision AI and Agriculture: A Growing Partnership

Within the agriculture industry, businesses contend with a host of challenges like evolving regulations, supply chain complications, and the ongoing ravages of climate change. They are tasked with addressing worldwide issues like global hunger while also working to stay ahead of the competition. A new approach to computer vision, powered by an AI platform, can help.

Restaurants Have an Appetite for Vision AI

Few industries have had a more challenging and transformative pandemic than the restaurant industry. During COVID-19’s early days, restaurants quickly pivoted to serve diners’ appetites while ensuring their safety and complying with regulations. Those who couldn’t...

Tiling: The Key to Small Object Detection

Tiling is an important process for analysis of images with computer vision and allows for a more detailed look at specific sections of an image without sacrificing resolution. After dividing an image into tiles, computer vision algorithms can then inference on each individual tile before reassembling them into a new composite image.


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