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Plainsight provides the unique combination of AI strategy, a visual data science platform, and deep learning expertise to develop, implement, and oversee transformative computer vision solutions for enterprises.

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Plainsight's computer vision solution for autonomous ranching in action. Introducing Computer Vision for Ranching

The work done by AI-powered ranch vehicles comes down to more than automating key processes. When they’re armed with cutting-edge solutions like custom-built computer vision models, ranchers, farmers, and other agriculture industry players are able to act with greater agility with the insights necessary to independently innovate, build competitive advantages, and make more informed decisions.

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Plainsight In The News Plainsight and MarineSitu Announce Collaboration to Propel a Sustainable Blue Economy Into The Future

The companies will focus on developing vision AI solutions for monitoring marine energy devices to protect aquatic ecosystems.

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Best Practices for Solution-Centric Computer Vision Best Practices for Solution-Centric Computer Vision

Projects often fail when the focus is placed on technology alone instead of holistic business solutions. AI is just one tool in an enterprise’s toolbox and every solution needs the right resources to support its success. It’s rare for AI to prove the only tool necessary for creating a solution…

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Back (of House) to the Future: Vision AI in Restaurant Kitchens Back (of House) to the Future: Vision AI in Restaurant Kitchens

Vision AI offers solutions to a number of the challenges facing restaurants, presenting use cases for everything from keeping kitchens cleaner to ensuring each patty spends the exact right amount of time on the grill.

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