With Gartner placing edge computer vision at the center of its Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar and general computer vision ahead of all other solutions on its latest Hype Cycle, it is clear that analysts agree computer vision’s moment has arrived. 

Unfortunately, when organizations apply traditional build or buy approaches to their computer vision initiatives, resource constraints and mistakes can leave their stalled or failed projects in the computer vision chasm. Stats and surveys suggest a majority of AI-focused projects never reach production despite considerable investment and the immense potential of emerging solutions like computer vision.  

Crossing the Chasm: Infographic

Plainsight’s new infographic details the reasons initiatives may come up short as well as the ways Plainsight bridges the gap to bring enterprises out of the chasm. 

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Plainsight’s unique mix of unmatched expertise, an end-to-end platform, and fully managed services for solutions monitoring, management, and oversight help customers cross the chasm and deploy successful computer vision models to address diverse use cases across industries.

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