Plainsight Vision Intelligence Filters

If you can use an Instagram Filter and a Spreadsheet you can use Plainsight. And still make your data scientists, engineers, IT, and finance team happy.

Vision Intelligence Filters extract visual data into business insights. We use a powerful combination of visual AI and data science to add business context to any camera feed. Whether it’s in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, or Retail, you can’t run a business if you can’t see what’s happening.

Yoga Pose Coaching

Compare joint posture against known correct yoga posing.



Camera Type

The Yoga Pose Coaching Filter compares joint postures against established correct yoga poses. Utilizing computer vision, it assists individuals in refining their yoga practice by providing real-time feedback on joint alignment. Tailored for use in instructional settings or personal practice, this filter promotes proper form, enhancing the effectiveness and safety of yoga sessions.

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