Imagine you’re the Operations Manager at a factory, and your job is to keep everything running smoothly. You only have one pair of eyes and fifty cameras; manual monitoring is not an option. You must ensure stations operate correctly, the product makes it where it needs to be, and employees follow safety protocols. It’s more than any one set of eyes can take in.

Many businesses have turned to cameras or other sensors to monitor operations. But visual data is chaotic and difficult to trust, making it hard to translate into actionable business insights. Who has time to watch all that tape? 

That’s why Plainsight launched Filters. Plainsight Filters make accurate data processing (“filtering”) easy. By filtering video data directly at the source (your cameras), our Filters transform qualitative information into quantitative, actionable intelligence that informs decision-making and planning.

Why Filter My Data? 

Plainsight Filters use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to accurately identify objects or situations and translate them into data that can be processed, measured and tracked. By deploying Filters on-premises, you can analyze real-time video streams, letting you detect and respond to critical events as they unfold. Whether monitoring production lines for defects, ensuring workplace safety, or enhancing the customer experience, Filters provide the data needed to succeed as a business.

We begin by capturing video footage through our cameras, which our Filters analyze. Filtered data is then passed downstream to Business Intelligence or ERP systems, , allowing for trend analysis, pattern identification, and informed decision-making. By leveraging these insights, businesses can optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and drive strategic growth initiatives.

Filter Benefits:

  • Broad Array of Uses: Plainsight Filters work across various industries, turning camera feeds into actionable data for Inventory Management, Quality Control, Compliance, and Yield Management. If you have a camera feed, we have a Filter that can turn it into data. 
  • Continuously Improving: With Filters, your data is used to train and improve results, increasing the value of your business insights over time. 

Easy to Use: Plainsight’s entire infrastructure can be installed and run by most IT teams — specialized data science or engineering teams are not required. Our intuitive features mean you can immediately analyze video data without extensive training or technical expertise. 

Computer Vision Meets Cloud-Native Operations

Processing data at the Edge can give you quick insights, but often lacks the horsepower to handle large amounts of data like you can in the cloud. With Plainsight Filters, you get the best of both worlds. We can both filter data in place and play nice with all the big cloud platforms so that you can upload your data for extra analysis. This means you can tap into the full power of the cloud while still enjoying the speedy response of local processing. 

Using a cloud-native, containerized architecture, these filters provide scalability and flexibility, making them suitable for evolving requirements. Plainsight Filters undergo constant improvement through operations-driven software development, adhering to a robust DevOps framework. This dedication to enhancement ensures that businesses receive top-notch performance and reliability. Plainsight prioritizes customer data privacy, empowering businesses with a customer-owned model and robust data governance measures. This commitment to safeguarding customer data reinforces trust and integrity within the business ecosystem, enhancing overall confidence in Plainsight Filters.

Unlock New Opportunities for Growth and Innovation

Plainsight Filters are the solution for businesses ready to kick-start growth and innovation. Filters deliver fast insights and actionable intel to spot trends, patterns, and surprises in your video data. Whether you’re streamlining operations, boosting customer satisfaction, or uncovering fresh revenue streams, Plainsight Filters put the power of your video data in your hands, helping you drive steady growth.

Plainsight Filters aren’t just a tool but a catalyst for growth and innovation. By Filtering out what you don’t need and Filtering in what you do from your video streams, our platform empowers you towards steady growth and staying ahead of the curve.

Experience the Power of Filtering Data

Setting up Plainsight Filters on your existing camera feeds is simple. Point your cameras, pick a Filters set, and start collecting data. You’ll enjoy easy integration with your existing systems and workflows, making incorporating our analytics into your day-to-day operations easy. 

Run your business smoothly, Filter issues before they become big headaches, and identify new growth opportunities with Plainsight Filters.

For more information on Plainsight Filters, contact us to request a demo.

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