Plainsight Vision Intelligence Filters

If you can use an Instagram Filter and a Spreadsheet you can use Plainsight. And still make your data scientists, engineers, IT, and finance team happy.

Vision Intelligence Filters extract visual data into business insights. We use a powerful combination of visual AI and data science to add business context to any camera feed. Whether it’s in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, or Retail, you can’t run a business if you can’t see what’s happening.

Demo: Object Detection

Detect and track common objects

Camera Type


Free Demo

The Object Detection Filter detects 80 common items like people, cars, and elephants, and tracks them as they move. This Filter is a free demo provided to let you install your first Filter onto FilterBox. It demonstrates the kind of data feed that outputs to a MQTT broker that businesses ingest to take action as well as how easy it is to identify and remove image components from a video stream.

Learn more about FilterBox here, or if you’re familiar with Kubernetes and Helm, you can get it up and running in as little as 10 minutes by following along with the docs here.

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