We often hear from customers that the reason they need Computer Vision is to take quick action as a result of accurate visual data. Our Filters can process their visual data anywhere a containerized workload can be deployed, which means it depends on the needs of a business to determine the best physical place. If business-critical data needs to get processed immediately to take action, like whether a production line needs to be adjusted in real-time, an edge deployment would be ideal. 

That’s why we’re partnering with SoftIron to ensure a smooth deployment experience on HyperCloud. A HyperCloud running Filters represents a significant advancement in providing businesses with a scalable comprehensive solution to deploy and manage Vision AI on a true private cloud infrastructure.

SoftIron’s Hypercloud is a private cloud designed to be easier to manage and more scalable due to its modularity and software architecture. It can be set up with a core unit and/or at the edge, closer to where the data is generated. This makes it an excellent choice for running advanced AI programs on the spot and processing visual data quickly and accurately.

Why Plainsight on SoftIron is Better Together

Where Digital Intersects Physical: Any time you’d ask a co-worker to “come over here and take a look”, you could physically bring a deployed Filter to do the same thing as long as the camera connected to a sufficiently-powered computer could be brought there. Filters bring the digital representation of physical, trained human vision to wherever a business needs them to be deployed. They replicate how human vision and decision-making process information to make a specific, predefined choice. FilterBox’s hardware-agnostic architecture allows it to be deployed anywhere a containerized workload can be. HyperCloud provides a scalable physical location to host containerized workloads as well as the ability to spread storage and processing to a private cloud core. 

Customer Data Sovereignty: With Plainsight Filters and SoftIron’s HyperCloud, customer data can be retained on premises so it’s secure and never shared–it’s like having your own cloud service but without surrendering control of your data. Filters are containerized applications that provide a model owned by the customer to train using their proprietary data offline until they’re ready to update for reliability, security, and performance improvements. By deploying them to an edge device like HyperCloud, customers can be certain that their data remains their own.

Mutual Scalability: HyperCloud uses an incrementally modular cloud architecture and FilterBox runs on Kubernetes, a cloud-native method of deploying, updating, and scaling containerized applications based on the business’s needs. As businesses use more Filters on more video feeds, they can save time and resources. Instead of creating new hardware setups each time their needs grow, they can use Kubernetes’s cloud-native design to duplicate and expand their deployment across multiple HyperCloud nodes. And the best part? You can get it up and running in just a few hours, and it doesn’t need a huge space – just half of a rack will get you started.

Actionable Software in Critical Locations

Plainsight and SoftIron offer businesses adaptable AI-powered solutions that can scale as needed at the edge. Plainsight’s Filters and SoftIron are both created to be easy for small IT teams to setup and deploy without extensive Machine Learning, Data Science, Hardware compatibility, Network design, or Cloud system architecture expertise.

The partnership between Plainsight and SoftIron opens doors for businesses to power AI vision at the edge on a private cloud. By bringing data processing close to the source of the data and corresponding business automation, companies can improve responsiveness to accurate data by taking action immediately. With SoftIron’s Hypercloud, businesses can ensure scalability and reliability, even in the most demanding edge computing environments.

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