Plainsight Delivers Enterprise Vision AI on Google Cloud Marketplace

Enterprises Can Now Easily Deploy End-to-End Vision AI to Private Clouds to Realize the Full Value of Their Video and Other Visual Data for Accurate, Actionable, Insights Across Diverse Use Cases

San Francisco, CA, July 26, 2021 – Plainsight, the leader in proven vision AI, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing Google Cloud customers with easy deployment of its end-to-end vision AI platform. By integrating Plainsight into their private networks, enterprises worldwide can now leverage one intuitive platform for centralized control of streamlined vision AI model creation and training with optimized visual data handling for diverse enterprise solutions.

To streamline vision AI workflows, Plainsight facilitates the entire pipeline, from visual data ingestion and annotation, through continuous model training, deployment, and monitoring for easier innovation and faster time-to-production. Plainsight’s platform accelerates vision AI development in a manner that is complete, accurate, and accessible to non-technical business leaders.

Google Cloud Marketplace is a procurement and fulfillment platform where enterprises can find, deploy, and manage production-ready solutions built by partners, open-source projects, and Google Cloud. Solutions are vetted by Google Cloud and optimized to run on Google Cloud Marketplace to simplify configuration and speed up deployment times.

Data-savvy businesses increasingly rely on images and videos for critical functions, and yet they are challenged by the sheer mass of information. As the volume of visual data continues to grow in enterprise networks, extracting accurate, actionable insights across diverse use cases requires vision AI that’s easy and quick to use.

Plainsight brings vision AI innovation to markets including automotive, agriculture, healthcare, supply chain, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer and consumer packaged goods, construction, transportation, government, and more. With Google Cloud Marketplace deployment into their private networks, enterprises can equip teams across business units with the power of Plainsight vision AI that enables them to:

  • Centrally manage the end-to-end vision AI lifecycle within one platform
  • Easily access powerful vision AI tools leveraging Google Cloud resources for global scale, increased security, bolstered privacy, unified billing, and cost savings
  • Securely and privately connect imagery and video data sources within private enterprise networks
  • Efficiently utilize integrated AI-powered data annotation to label datasets faster than ever before
  • Continuously train high-accuracy vision AI models with an intuitive, no-code interface
  • Immediately obtain real-time actionable AI insights with collaboration tools
  • Instantly operationalize and scale containerized models
  • Depend on a trusted Google Cloud Partner for enterprise vision AI applications
  • Enable AI-powered application development for the enterprise

“Plainsight is excited about the expansion of our partnership with Google Cloud that makes our vision AI platform even more accessible to innovative enterprises,” said Carlos Anchia, CEO of Plainsight. “The explosive growth of visual data has increased demand for computer vision, a form of AI that enables computers to “see” the world the way people do, but with unblinking consistency, greater accuracy and context.” Added Anchia, “By making vision AI easy to use and fast to deploy through the Google Cloud Marketplace in a secure and private manner, we’re answering the demand from enterprise leaders who are seeking immediate proof of value and industry-leading competitive advantages.”

Plainsight is available through the Google Cloud Marketplace and can be enabled today. Organizations can now quickly and easily deploy the power of the Plainsight vision AI platform into their private networks.

About Plainsight

Plainsight streamlines vision AI for enterprises with new ways to analyze, share and benefit from valuable visual information. Solving problems where others have failed, Plainsight helps the world’s most innovative customers realize the potential of their data through smart, easy to use, effective solutions. Our intuitive, low-code platform gives every team across organizations the ability to build, manage, and operationalize solutions. With actionable insights and unblinking accuracy, Plainsight powers enterprise-ready applications to automate processes, mitigate risk, enhance product portfolios, and increase revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

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