Few emerging technologies offer as many opportunities for near- and long-term transformation as computer vision. On the latest Gartner Hype Cycle, computer vision sits ahead of all other solutions, nearing the Plateau of Productivity and its promise of game-changing results. With the help of dedicated providers and partners, industry leaders are seeing the value of computer vision to bring tried and true processes into a new era, supplementing human capabilities and accelerating innovation.   

These Industries Are Transforming with Computer Vision-Powered Innovation

From reducing reliance on manual detection to reinventing defect recognition, vision AI solutions are transforming legacy processes and supporting cross-industry evolution.


In busy restaurants, managers are tasked with juggling a range of manual tasks – many of which are not directly related to customer service. From parking lots to walk-in freezers, vision AI solutions have the potential to alleviate manual workloads with real-time assessments, ongoing insight generation, and automated alerts. 

Computer vision’s powers for redefining service excellence while boosting accuracy and precision in restaurants were evidenced in our recent engagement with a major North American chain. 

Alongside partners World Wide Technology, with  Google Cloud, and Intel, we enabled the chain to optimize buffet management to redefine service excellence and better deliver on its promise of fast, fresh, plentiful favorites.  

  • Before Computer Vision: Busy restaurant managers were responsible for manually assessing the remaining quantities of dishes on buffet lines and alerting kitchen staff to avoid shortages. Food scales were unreliable during peak hours, frequently requiring recalibration and offering inaccurate readings. 
  • With Computer Vision: Leveraging historical weight data, we developed a regression model capable of predicting the remaining quantity of a popular entree and automating alerts. Within just a few weeks, the solution exceeded the restaurant’s accuracy goals.
Solution Centric Computer Vision for Quick Service Restaurants


The job of a farmer or rancher is a really an immense number of jobs in one, many of them characterized by manual, time-consuming processes. Emerging solutions for tracking and monitoring farm activity provide a ‘farmer’s-eye view’ and real-time insights even while farmers focus their efforts elsewhere. Across the AgTech space, computer vision is sowing the seeds of innovation.  

Our work with JBS USA, one of the world’s largest food processors, showcases the capabilities of computer vision for automating and improving counting and monitoring for livestock animals. 

  • Before Computer Vision: Prior to Plainsight’s involvement, manual livestock counts were the standard. The error-prone process relied on human operators and exposed the organization to potential millions in losses each year. 
  • With Computer Vision: The addition of vision AI solutions for precision livestock counting helped JBS quickly achieve 99.5% accuracy, two points better than manual counting under the same conditions.


Legacy, paper- and people-dependent processes for defect detection and quality assurance leave manufacturers of all types vulnerable to errors. With time, insights generated with the help of vision AI solutions will enable more proactive, predictive maintenance to avoid slowdowns and stopages. AI-automated processes for verifying the presence of personal protective equipment and process compliance offer additional security.


Across the energy sector, many legacy processes expose employees to unnecessary dangers and risk leaving hazards undetected. Vision AI solutions for assessing the integrity of pipelines allow for more proactive management and solutions for fill-level monitoring and leak detection allow for safe, remote assessments. 

Inspecting Pipelines with Computer Vision

Legal, Accounting, Human Resources, and Finance

Within many enterprises, whole departments are buried in paper thanks to processes that require them to manually review document after document. These processes are tedious, time consuming, and prone to potentially costly errors. High-accuracy vision AI solutions are improving optical character recognition (OCR) to automate processes and take businesses closer to paperless operations across all business units.    

Learn More About Transforming Legacy Processes with Computer Vision

Plainsight’s unparalleled computer vision expertise and end-to-end platform for centralizing workflows enable process automation, ongoing innovation, and holistic digital transformations. Request a call to learn more about augmenting your internal capabilities with cutting-edge vision AI solutions. 

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