Best Practices for Solution-Centric Computer Vision

Best Practices for Solution-Centric Computer Vision

Projects often fail when the focus is placed on technology alone instead of holistic business solutions. AI is just one tool in an enterprise’s toolbox and every solution needs the right resources to support its success. It’s rare for AI to prove the only tool necessary for creating a solution…

What Is Synthetic Data?

What Is Synthetic Data?

By leveraging synthetic data, organizations can easily train their models to address uncommon scenarios that might be tough to capture in the real world. Deep learning algorithms can concoct every conceivable event and image, dramatically increasing the number of use cases a model can help to address. If they’re supplementing an existing dataset, enterprises can make a point to include objects and scenarios that are missing.

NFL Launches Digital Athlete as 2022 Season Kicks Off

NFL Launches Digital Athlete as 2022 Season Kicks Off

The NFL has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create the Digital Athlete, an AI model that replicates any NFL player within a virtual environment that’s chock-full of real-world scenarios. Within this digital setting, league doctors and coaches can test out new techniques, equipment, and even the implications of new rules before they play out on the field.


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