International Women’s Day 2021 Spotlight: Elizabeth Spears, Chief Product Officer

For #InternationalWomensDay2021, We Recognize & Honor The Achievements of All Women, Especially Those Working To Shape Our Future.

The 2021 theme for International Women’s Day, #ChooseToChallenge, is more than just a hashtag. #ChooseToChallenge asks us all to commit to seeking out and celebrating women’s achievements, and to challenge gender bias and inequality in our daily lives with the purpose of creating a more inclusive world. 

As the field of AI continues to merge with existing industries, it is increasingly important to ensure that women’s perspectives and skills are utilized to help shape the field. AI algorithms offer new, exciting solutions, but it is the responsibility of the human authors to be vigilant for bias and minimize it whenever and wherever possible.  

Despite women having consistently counted for over half the professional workforce since 2003, they only make up 26% of Computing and Mathematical jobs in the United States. The gender gap can be seen at the highest level within the field. According to a study published by Silicon Valley Bank in 2020, over half of startups have no women in C-Level leadership roles, with only 40% reported to have a woman in a C-Level position.

Elizabeth Spears’ leadership and technical expertise as our Chief Product Officer have been instrumental in guiding our corporate and product positioning and shaping our Sense AI platform. #SheInspires

Recently, Elizabeth sat down with Joel Beasley of Modern CTO, the #1 Leadership & Tech Podcast in the world, to discuss her experience with AI, both personally and professionally, and our company vision for simplified, accessible AI for ALL

The interview covers a broad range of topics from the origins of Sixgill’s name (we’ll give you a hint…think Jaws theme song), to Elizabeth’s experience with competitive sports as a teenager to our responsibility as humans to use AI for good. There might also be a shout out to a certain blog…Be sure to check out the full episode here.

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