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Visual Data Analytics Has Beekeepers Abuzz

Visual Data Analytics Has Beekeepers Abuzz

Researchers have recognized the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate insights into bee populations and better support and manage them. Individual beekeepers can enhance tracking and monitoring across their hives by deploying detection models capable of recognizing bees and following their movement. On a broader scale, such models can follow the migration and population changes of entire colonies.

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Believe Your Eyes: Optical Illusions and the Future of Vision AI

Believe Your Eyes: Optical Illusions and the Future of Vision AI

Researchers like Robert Max Williams believe optical illusions could prove a useful resource for their efforts to develop solutions capable of making the same subtle predictions and adjustments as the human eye. If scientists want to achieve “General Vision,” and truly mimic the human eye with artificial intelligence, teaching machines to recognize optical illusions and mimic a human response may play an essential role.

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