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Precision Livestock Counting

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Visual Data Analytics Has Beekeepers Abuzz

Researchers have recognized the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate insights into bee populations and better support and manage them. Individual beekeepers can enhance tracking and monitoring across their hives by deploying detection models capable of recognizing bees and following their movement. On a broader scale, such models can follow the migration and population changes of entire colonies.

5 Ways Agribusinesses Can Prevent Recalls, Shutdowns, and Delays with Vision AI

Investments in computer vision technology can help agribusinesses and food manufacturers of all types spot signs of trouble early and stop costly, potentially deadly recalls before they happen. Deployed across the production and manufacturing cycles, these models can detect hazards ranging from contaminants and foreign objects to defective equipment and non-compliant behavior. Organizations capture hundreds of thousands of hours of visual data in the form of video footage and imagery every day, and computer vision allows these businesses to put this data to work for process transformation.