Sixgill’s Unified AI Platform and Computer Vision Technology Enable’s Rapid Go-To-Market with Game-Changing Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA —  September 2, 2020 — Sixgill, LLC, a leading AI IoT platform provider for unified end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management, announced a partnership with Colorado-based to deliver a suite of AI solutions to the oil and gas industry. Sixgill’s Sense AI platform enables to rapidly and easily train, deploy and manage computer vision models for their oil and gas customers, expanding their solutions portfolio and unlocking the value of AI-powered automation and insights.

Autonomous technologies are becoming essential to oil and gas operators’ strategic initiatives for improved operational agility and environmental compliance. By continuously collecting and processing data from video cameras installed on oil and gas sites, the solutions suite, powered by Sixgill Sense, provides operators with “hands off” automated intelligence and instant alerts; saving operators significant cost, labor, and time while facilitating immediate, accurate mitigation and remediation.

The companies also announced the commercial availability of the solutions suite that includes real-time Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) gas leak detection, non-invasive tank-level monitoring, and security surveillance.

Game-Changing Innovation

The Sixgill and partnership offers fast and easy-to-deploy video camera and computer vision technologies with full integration and managed services that automate oil and gas operations and compliance in new ways, including:

  • Real-Time VOC Gas Leak Detection

AI-powered VOC leak scanning continuously monitors and detects gas emissions and triggers alerts for leak location and severity. This highly accurate, automated system uses FLIR OGI cameras and custom-trained AI software to detect, quantify, locate leaks, and send notifications to customers in real time.

  • Tank-Level Monitoring and Tracking

Automated camera-based tank-level monitoring creates a highly accurate, non-invasive remote system to enable regulatory compliance without opening the tank thief hatch. Fully integrated computer vision technology gives operators a new, highly efficient way to continuously monitor measurements, track and log data.

  • Security Surveillance

Video data streams provide continuous input to ML-automated oil and gas site surveillance for perimeter protection, license plate recognition, sensitive zone monitoring, and threat detections, such as unauthorized vehicles, unrecognized objects, and suspicious activity. Auto-generated real-time alerts eliminate reporting delays and enable proactive investigation.

High-Impact Partnership

Sixgill and formed their partnership based on a shared vision that by implementing the power and efficiency of AI, some of the most intensive challenges faced by the oil and gas industry can be solved today, such as:

  • Increased state and federal regulations for VOC monitoring

Oil and gas producers are seeking immediately available technologies to meet increasing state and federal regulatory compliance requirements. Colorado, for example, has enacted a law known as SB-181 that requires continuous VOC gas leak detection and tank-level monitoring. Other states, such as Utah, California, and New Mexico are also enacting strict air emission regulations.

  • High cost and inefficiency for 97% of LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) truck rolls

According to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), 97% of LDAR truck rolls do not result in a reported leak. Costs for labor, time, and vehicles are incurred for each truck roll (when technicians are dispatched). The solution can eliminate those truck rolls so the LDAR teams only need to be deployed after a leak has been automatically detected by’s AI solution.

  • Critical necessity for continuous site security intelligence

Oil and gas sites are targets for acts of sabotage that can result in equipment damage and operation interruption or complete stoppage, which can take months to restart. To prevent loss, it’s vital for operators to maintain nonstop, 24/7 threat monitoring of the area surrounding facilities as well as sensitive restricted zones.

“Sixgill is pleased to join forces with to accelerate their launch of an AI solutions suite that solves some of oil and gas operators’ most critical challenges, including protecting the environment and keeping sites, workers, and communities safe,” said Carlos Anchia, CEO of Sixgill. “Our highly sophisticated Sense platform equips data scientists and ML engineers with centralized end-to-end tools they need to create computer vision solutions. For non-technical stakeholders, Sense makes the magic of AI-powered discovery accessible for the first time.”

“In these turbulent times, the oil and gas industry needs AI efficiency and automation more than ever,” said Mark Smith, President of “We’re pleased to partner with Sixgill, a company immersed in AI technologies with proven ability to deliver with great urgency and accuracy.” Smith added, “Within five years, we believe 10,000 oil and gas pad sites in the U.S. and Canada will be remotely monitored and managed by harnessing the power of AI to achieve autonomous field operations and predictive optimization.”

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