This week in AI & Machine Learning: How AI influences your purchases, Alexa gets better, Pytorch updates, AI privacy, A/B testing for machine learning, and more!


Artificial Intelligence News:

How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things

You’re probably already somewhat aware of how artificial intelligence plays a role in influencing product consumption in the form of recommendation engines. Read this article to learn more about how brick and mortar and online retailers are using data to discover what you may want to purchase before you even know it.


Amazon adds more machine learning features in Alexa to predict goals that aren’t directly expressed

Read about how Amazon is using machine learning to amp up Alexa’s conversational features to predict requests the user doesn’t explicitly ask for. This could be a big step in making AI voice assistants better at understanding what you’re actually asking for and reducing the number of times you hear the response, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand”. 


AI Is Bringing The World Together, and not just through social networks

Learn how some companies are using AI and “Digital Twin” technology to help engineers design better for physical environments and how one company is using it to disrupt the private aircraft manufacturing industry.

Developer Tools & Education:

Pytorch Developer Day brings updates to the library

Read a list of the updates here.

I thought The Private AI Series in partnership with Andrew Trask and OpenMined sounded really neat! Also, check out the new Pytorch mobile features for supporting GPU and the Android Neural Networks APIs (NNAPI).


Google 3D Objectron Dataset for Computer Vision

Most datasets for computer vision today are 2D which makes it harder to research 3D capabilities in the industry. Google is making this problem easier to tackle by releasing the Objectron Dataset which contains 15000 annotated videos and 4M annotated images with 3D labels. 


Super Resolution with Deep Learning

This week’s tutorial from Pyimagesearch explores how to perform super resolution on images with OpenCV and deep learning. 

Pssst… Also check out our newly released web based computer vision data annotation tool!


Upcoming Online AI & Data Events:

A/B Testing for AI | Nov 16 – 10:00am PST

Learn how to make better evaluations of machine learning models by using A/B testing methods.


Introduction to Computer Vision: How to build an object detection model with your own dataset | Nov 17 – 5:30pm PDT

Join me for this hands on workshop to learn the basics of building a deep learning object detector and how to label your own dataset in a practical way.


Transfer Learning in NLP | Nov 24 – 10:00am PST

This talk will introduce recent breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) using transfer learning and transformer architectures. 


AWS re:invent | Nov. 30 – Ded. 18, 2020

AWS re:invent is going virtual and is free this year!


Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:

Elizabeth Spears on Modern CTO

Listen to this podcast featuring Sixgill’s own Elizabeth Spears talk about AI ecosystems, the future of AI, finding the signal in the noise, and much more!


Pixels to Concepts with Backpropagation w/ Roland Memisevic on TWiML

Listen to Roland Memisevic of Twenty Billion Neurons explain how they train deep neural networks to understand exercise and physical movements. 


Fighting Global Health Disparities with AI w/ Jon Wang on TWiML

Explore different ways AI can be used in public health to prevent disparities and what it takes to build out digital infrastructures in lower resource areas. 


Accessibility and Computer Vision on TWiML

Learn how AI and computer vision can be used to increase accessibility to digital assets.


Notable Research Papers:

Some of the interesting machine learning papers published this week.


About Sixgill:

Sixgill, LLC provides custom enterprise AI solutions, end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management, and fast data annotation for computer vision.

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