This week in AI & Machine Learning: Drones for home security, Microsoft & GPT-3, Pytorch hooks, GANs for good, emotional intelligence, and more.

Artificial Intelligence News:

Microsoft Gets Exclusive GTP-3 License from OpenAI

You probably have heard a lot about OpenAI’s GTP-3 natural language processing model recently with it making many headlines such as, “too dangerous to release” and “GTP-3 will replace programmers”. The most recent news surrounding the model is Microsoft’s exclusive commercial license to use the API. I’ll be interested to see what Microsoft uses the model for and how they could potentially bake features into products and services.   

Amazon Shows Off Drones for Your Home & More at Its Fall Hardware Event

Amazon is arguably one of the biggest players when it comes to bringing AI directly into homes. At its fall event the company announced several new hardware devices and upgrades. The most interesting announcement in my opinion was the personal home security drone by Ring. You can watch a pretty campy but fun demo of it scaring off a burglar here

How do you feel about giving a drone with a camera access to your home? 

Developer Tools & Education:

I didn’t catch any major tool updates this week, but here are some neat articles & tutorials that may be useful!

How to use Pytorch Hooks

Learn about Pytorch hooks and how to use them to increase your machine learning productivity. 

Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition

Pyimagesearch continues to release new content around optical character recognition (OCR). In this week’s tutorial learn how to apply it to perform Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Cleaner Pose Estimation using Open Pose

Learn how to use the Open Pose system to speed up your workflow and create cleaner human pose estimations. 

Creating custom image datasets for Deep Learning projects

If you’re looking for a tool to help annotate images after you download them, checkout Sixgill’s HyperLabel. It can also label feature points for pose detection!

Upcoming Online AI & Data Events:

GANs for Good | Sep 30 – 10:00am PDT 

Check out this amazing lineup of speakers! Animashree Anandkumar (NVIDIA), Alexei Efros (UC Berkeley), Ian Goodfellow (Apple), Andrew Ng (DeepLearning.AI), & Sharon Zhou (Stanford).

Book Club: Deep Learning Chapter 5 | Oct 1 – 5:30pm PDT

Join in the discussion about chapter 5 from the Deep Learning book by Ian Goodfellow.

A Hands on Workshop for Computer Vision | Oct 8 – 10:00am PDT

Join me for a hands on workshop to learn the basics of building a deep learning object detector and how to practically label your own dataset.

Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:

James Gosling (Creator of Java) on Lex Fridman

Listen to James Gosling discuss the the early days of the internet, math, teach leaders, and much more.  

The Algorithms of Emotional Intelligence | Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Listen to Gilbert Eijkelenboom discuss how your brain works, emotional intelligence, and much more.

ML-Powered Language Learning at Duolingo with Burr Settles

Burr Settles discusses using machine learning to teach languages at scale. 

Notable Papers:

Some of the interesting machine learning papers published this week.

About Sixgill:

Sixgill, LLC provides enterprise AI solutions, machine learning lifecycle management, and fast data annotation for computer vision.

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