Setting New Industry Standards for Computer Vision Success Inside the Enterprise

How Plainsight Unlocks Vision AI’s Value

Plainsight extracts value from images and video through computer vision technology and operationalizes that for the enterprise.

And that offering is unique in this space where our subject matter expertise, our experience in building solutions, lends itself to working, operational computer vision solutions.

Computer vision doesn’t work on a fire and forget deployment strategy. It needs to be nurtured, curated, and managed. That’s where Plainsight comes in, to build those approaches to computer vision and manage that lifecycle for companies.

There’s a lot of adoption, right? We see it everywhere. Types of offerings are coming into the enterprise where they’re starting to benefit from revenue generation, efficiencies, and digital transformations that are only possible with computer vision.

The space is moving so fast. We have to continue to be innovative, and learn, and continue adapting to new technologies and approaches so we can deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Because we see this convergence of natural language and vision models together, to be able to derive value from that, we have to experiment. We have to innovate ahead of the curve so we can deliver those bulletproof solutions to enterprises.

As we continue to grow and learn the business, we start having a nuance to our delivery and that delivery ends up exceeding expectations every time. So the future is really bright for computer vision, and there’s a lot of work being done by very, very talented team members around the integration of computer vision into the enterprise.