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Vision AI

This eBook from Plainsight explores the enterprise computer vision landscape, offers insights for overcoming common obstacles, and examines the ways a solution-centric approach can make repeatable success a reality.

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Successful Enterprise Vision AI

Across industries, organizations are committed to making investments in computer vision and turning unstructured data into a source of transformative insights.

Throughout this eBook, we look at the reasons many enterprises fail to deliver on their objectives and discuss how Plainsight on Google Cloud makes success a reality.

Contents include:

  • An closer look at the current state of computer vision AI in the enterprise
  • All-too-common CV mistakes and how strong partnerships can help enterprises avoid and overcome them
  • Details on Plainsight and Google Cloud’s success in accelerating enterprise computer vision

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Just 13% of enterprise computer vision projects succeed. Check out our infographic to learn more about why so many fall into the computer vision chasm.