Case Study

Precision Crop Protection

Plainsight enables crop protection and pest management experts to optimize research and control processes with state-of-the-art vision AI solutions and fully managed computer vision services.

Learn how Plainsight solutions make automated mobile identification and quantification of near-microscopic crop pests faster and easier for an industry-leading enterprise.

Learn how mobile computer vision is transforming agriculture one leaf at a time.

Tiny pests can cause big problems for farmers, agribusinesses, and ultimately consumers, around the globe. Certain species of whiteflies are capable of causing total crop loss, demanding the attention of agriculture technology providers who develop insecticides and other solutions.

Plainsight enabled a world leader in the agtech space to dramatically improve its speed, processes, and ease of use for mobile detection and identification of pests like whiteflies in remote locations via mobile phone applications. Armed with insights from Plainsight solutions, the organization is now better equipped to quickly develop effective insecticides and support farmers across the globe.

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Plainsight’s multi-year partnership with one of the world’s leading agricultural technology providers offers a case study in the value of our fully managed computer vision services and flexible deployment options.