The Sense™ IoE Data Services Platform Provides Flexible Sensor Data Automation To Meet IoE Governance Challenges In The Enterprise

SANTA MONICA, CA, October 12, 2017 – Sixgill, LLC, the leader in sensor data services for governing IoE, today unveiled the next generation of its universal and highly scalable sensor data services platform, Sixgill Sense 2.0.

Sense 2.0 provides vital capabilities for companies attempting to govern their Internet of Everything (IoE) assets. The extensible IoT data services platform specifically meets the needs of application developers and product owners who are building sensor-informed applications for IoT, IIoT and IoE. Nearly all industries need task-specific applications to manage torrents of new sensor data and exploding numbers of connected assets that comprise IoE, including people, places and things.

With its expanded combination of technology, services and capacity-maximizing capabilities, Sense provides companies with continuous sensor data collection and real-time understanding of what assets are available, where they are and their operating state. This allows customers to keep their IoE assets, actions and behaviors on track. The Sense 2.0 sensor data platform delivers:

  • Developer-friendly extensibility and adoptability
  • Scalable real-time edge computing and processing
  • Custom rules toolkit for triggering actions programmatically
  • Flexible deployment on any cloud or data center
  • Intrinsic security features
  • A pre-built Geo IoE™ plugin for advanced geofencing, proximity services and IoT asset tracking
  • Centralized administration and monitoring

Sense is built on Sixgill’s U3 IoT platform architecture, which makes it:

  • Universal: One data services backbone for all sensor dependent applications
  • Unrestricted: Sensor agnostic; open to any type of data or data source
  • Unbounded: Ingests data at any volume and velocity with cloud-managed, on premise or hybrid deployment

“Sense 2.0 offers organizations total flexibility to develop highly responsive, sensing IoE applications with no limits on data diversity, sources, applications or scale,” says Phil Ressler, CEO of Sixgill. “These capabilities are needed to successfully govern IoE, which requires capturing all of the sensor and contextual data, pinpointing relevant data intersections from noisy streams and triggering automated responses quickly.”

Sense is available now to select customers, with full availability scheduled for later this year. View or download the detailed white paper on the Sense 2.0 platform architecture.

Sixgill Sense data services are already proven in the field. Sense supports applications available on over 50 million devices by a major U.S. carrier, and has powered crowd management and audience communications at large events in the U.S. and Europe.

Sixgill recently announced the completion of a Series B funding totaling $27.9 million. The round was led by an affiliate of Chicago-based DRW Ventures, which invests in disruptive new enterprise technologies. Mobile Financial Partners, of Alexandria, VA, is also participating.

About Sixgill

Sixgill builds universal sensor data and automation services that enable organizations to govern IoE assets. Used by IoT developers and product owners who are building sensored asset applications, Sixgill Sense enables organizations to acquire sensor data at any volume or velocity, understand it and act on it programmatically. Sense can acquire sensor data from any emitter or gateway, and distill actionable data intelligence for quick, programmatic response. Sixgill offers customers a single powerful IoT sensor data platform to unify sensor data knowledge, management, process automation and analytics for all sensor-informed applications. Visit for more information.

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