Plainsight’s Proprietary ‘System and Method of Counting Livestock’ (US11602132B2) Expedites Development of Customized Livestock Solutions for Automated Identification, Counting, and Monitoring with Near-Perfect Accuracy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 26, 2023 – Plainsight, the leader in proven vision AI, announced today it has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its breakthrough technology used to identify, count, and monitor livestock automatically in real time. 

Plainsight’s foundational vision AI technology facilitates custom solution development for food production customers enabling their rapid time-to-value with streamlined processes, accelerated decision making, and more realized revenue by: 

  • Collecting and processing visual data from video capture and edge devices across locations  
  • Eliminating costly inaccuracies of manual inspection, quantification, and analysis
  • Increasing speed, throughput, and yield of processes and production
  • Creating auditable records for process and regulatory compliance
  • Leveraging the system for other high-value solutions such as livestock health and wellbeing

Designed for large-scale livestock operations, where accounting for inventories is time consuming, dangerous to operations team members, and worker turnover is high, this foundational vision AI system ensures continuous accurate counts and associated data are delivered consistently. The technology provides capabilities for tracking animals with greater than 99.8% accuracy, even in the most challenging conditions. 

With automated detections and predictions, food producers also benefit from proactive anomaly and issue mitigation and reporting. The patented technology is fully integrated with Plainsight’s platform for end-to-end computer vision lifecycle management. The platform offers additional layers of deep functionality with powerful features for AI-powered data labeling, model pipelines and workflow management, and solution oversight. In addition to serving enterprises across agriculture, food production and processing markets, Plainsight delivers custom vision AI solutions for customers across energy, manufacturing, restaurants, and retail.

“This patent represents our focus on the future of computer vision and enriches our growing intellectual property portfolio at a time of unprecedented advancement for AI,” said Carlos Anchia, Plainsight Co-Founder and CEO. “Our customers realize remarkable value from highly-accurate foundational vision AI because customization of game-changing applications like precision livestock counting developed specifically for facilities, feedlots, sell barns, finishing lots, farms and dairy operations can be completed faster, with less data, higher accuracy, and for dramatically reduced cost.” Added Anchia, “we’re revolutionizing traditional farming methods and solving persistent challenges within agriculture that have a global impact on food production.”

Plainsight’s vision AI solutions for food value chain enterprises including precision livestock counting, monitoring, and tracking are available today and are used by the world’s largest food production companies.

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