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Accelerate enterprise value generation with innovative computer vision strategies, deep learning expertise, visual data science toolsets, and fully managed services.

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Plainsight Builds, Manages, and Oversees Transformative Vision AI Solutions

We help customers and partners across industries succeed quickly and efficiently with the power of computer vision.

Improve operations, enhance product lines, and increase revenue opportunities that reshape business models to carve out competitive advantages.

Production-Ready Vision AI Insights In Days, Not Months

By making computer vision innovation centralized, standardized, and repeatable, Plainsight enables enterprises to see the value of visual data faster.

Data Source Management

Data Source Management

Easily connect, collect, & integrate live-stream raw video & imagery from the Edge, Cloud, and local sources.

Intelligent Image & Video Data Curation

Intelligent Image & Video Data Curation

Collect accurate training datasets to provide a high-quality training foundation for models.

AI-Powered Data Labeling

AI-Powered Data Labeling

Accelerate labeling with smart polygon selection,  predictive labeling, & automated object recognition.

Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning

Easily train models with a breakthrough process designed to reduce time to vision AI solutions.

Quickly deploy, & scale applications at the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises to meet business needs.

Operationalized Solutions

Quickly deploy, & scale applications at the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises to meet business needs.

Illuminate The Visual Insights You Care About

Accelerate Time to Production with AI-Powered Automation

We’re setting the industry standard for the tools, process, and skills necessary for successful, productionalized, enterprise computer vision.

  • AI strategy, deep learning expertise
  • Visual data science platform, AI-driven data discovery
  • Responsible CV practices
  • Model, dataset, pipeline process versioning
  • Maintenance and long-term oversight to prevent bias, loss of productivity and revenue
Data Annotation - Heart Ultrasound opt

Industry Analysts Are Talking About Plainsight

How does Plainsight’s customer-centric approach produce computer vision success where other providers fail? IDC answers this question and explores the broader computer vision landscape in their new Market Note, A Customer Focus Makes for Computer Vision Success. The report discusses keys to successful implementation, including:

  • Finalizing solution strategies and architectures early
  • Targeting specific use cases effectively
  • Monitoring and managing computer vision in production


Plainsight Proven End-to-End Enterprise Solutions

Trust Plainsight to deliver production-ready computer vision, from concept to deployment quickly and collaboratively so you can realize the full value of your visual data.

Custom Enterprise Solutions
Plainsight develops custom computer vision solutions designed to address highly specific and cross-enterprise use cases.

Labeling as a Service
Eliminate the need for hands-on work while obtaining high-quality datasets more quickly by leaving labeling to our expert team.

Model Development as a Service
Plainsight’s experts quickly and cost effectively strategize, build, train, and develop high-quality solutions to meet your requirements.

Plainsight works with industry leaders to make computer innovation repeatable, centralized, and standardized for their enterprises and their customers.

Trust Plainsight to deliver production-ready computer vision, from concept to deployment quickly and collaboratively so you can realize the full value of your visual data.

Vision AI Simply Done

Every team within organizations across industries can benefit from vision AI solutions.

Smart Agriculture Data Labeling


Livestock Count & Health Monitoring
Crop Disease Detection
Product Grading & QA/QC Packaging

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Oil & Gas IoT Computer Vision


Real-Time Leak Detection
Remote Tank-Level Monitoring
Proactive Maintenance

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Construction Object Detection


Automated Product & Packaging Inspection
Precision Counting and Tracking
QA/QC Monitoring and Enforcement

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Covid-19 Temperature Detection Machine Learning


Accelerate Drive-Thru Line Efficiency
Real-Time Order Inspection
Kitchen Hygiene Monitoring

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Pharmaceutical Edge Computing


Automated Inventory Management
Store Layout Optimization
Curbside Pickup Acceleration

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Supply Chain Data Science

Supply Chain

Product/Goods Count & Tracking
Shipment On-Off Loading Monitoring
Product Compromise Detection

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Farmers and livestock processors are tasked with keeping accurate counts, even when animals are moving quickly and in close quarters. Even slight discrepancies can mean big losses for agribusinesses.


Plainsight curates high-quality datasets, builds and maintains highly accurate models, deployed on-site at the edge, for animal detection, counting, and monitoring. These solutions are capable of not only automating tedious manual processes, but achieving highest rates of precision that save customers time and revenue.