Vision AI for Restaurants

Plainsight offers restaurants enterprise-grade vision AI solutions with fully managed services to optimize efficiencies, solve persistent problems, and grow competitive advantages with assurance and speed.

Order Accuracy & Fulfillment

Track orders from item assembly through packaging and pickup with real-time QA, alerting for mistakes, and successful task completion verification.

Automated Quality Checks

Guide crew through step-by-step tasks with instant feedback for speed and accuracy.

Thermal Temperature Tracking

Measure internal cooking temperatures in real time for optimal pre-cooking and doneness.

Food Freshness Monitoring

Analyze prepared foods to track dwell times, ensure quality, and reduce waste.

Drive-Thru Management

Understand traffic patterns, line volume, and abandonment for optimized staffing and service.

Curbside Analytics

Track purchased items from assembly through pickup with real-time QA.

Monitor Order Completeness

Track accuracy and completeness with item-by-item recognition plus real-time edge computer vision and POS system integration.

Customer & Safety Monitoring

Obtain valuable insights into line monitoring, speed of service and dwell times, as well as safety.

Track Customer Flow

Boost sales and guest satisfaction with customer flow analysis and space utilization insights on 
line volume, bottlenecks and order abandonment.