Transform Luxury Goods Manufacturing with Vision AI

Quality inspection and analysis are vital to luxury product manufacturing. Our end-to-end vision AI platform enables you to implement new ways to:

  • Accelerate time-intensive, manual processes
  • Enhance quality craftsmanship & reduce the cost of defects
  • Increase efficiency & accuracy of inspections
  • Obtain valuable insights for instant actions & long-term planning

Leverage the latest technologies to ensure the consistent, quality craftsmanship at the heart of your brand.

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Reveal Valuable Insights with Images & Video

Quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage vision AI models to solve business needs across use cases.

Use Case Examples:

Defect Detection

Vision AI detects structural & material anomalies throughout the production process.

  • Easily create & deploy models to monitor production & detect defects
  • Continuously cross-check visual references & evaluate the quality of materials, workmanship, & actions
  • Efficiently collect & process visual data for real-time tracking & analysis for upstream or downstream auditing

Inspection & Quality Assurance

Custom models ensure quality & adherence to process & task order standards.

  • Flexibly define production quality & identify characteristics for evaluation
  • Continuously monitor & train models to measure achievement or distance from goals
  • Instantly alert to issues that impact product quality and/or regulatory compliance
  • Markedly improve productivity & decision-making with visual data-driven insights

➔ Material, Product & Craftsmanship Grading

Validate quality grading throughout the production process.

  • Efficiently evaluate visual characteristics of materials pre- and-post-testing, and throughout the production process
  • Comprehensively gather visual data to support corporate initiatives for sustainability, environmentally-friendly and safe processes
  • Dynamically create a valuable reference library of video & imagery datasets to leverage during production, as well as for craftsman training & quality standardization

Streamline End-to-End Vision AI

Every step of the vision AI lifecycle is made simpler with Plainsight’s no-code platform. Integrated features streamline dataset creation, automated machine learning, insights and analysis. With intuitive dashboards, entire teams can now easily collaborate and create problem-specific solutions that provide actionable insights from valuable visual data.

Continuously Collect Images & Video:

Collect and create accurate training datasets for vision AI solutions with intelligent data handling to efficiently manage storage costs.

Quickly Label Data with AI-Powered Annotation:

Rapidly accelerate annotation by 10x while providing a collaborative environment for teams to work on diverse datasets.

Automatically Train Vision AI Models:

Automate machine learning with continuous model training using a streamlined process that reduces the time from experimentation to actionable insights.

Easily Operationalize Solutions:

Deploy and scale AI-powered solutions at the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises with single-click deployments.

Plainsight is Trusted by Industry Leaders & Partners:

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Derek Vote
Meat Scientist at JBS USA

“We were amazed at the speed at which Plainsight’s vision AI achieved a very accurate solution in all conditions, saving us significant resources, time and money. We’re now rolling out their AI solution across multiple locations.”

Brian Hopkins
Director of Applied Computing at Ennead Architects

“With Plainsight’s vision AI, we’re accelerating traditionally time- and resource-intensive master planning processes to create game-changing solutions for our customers and the industry.“

Dr. Kyle Coble
Director of Nutrition Services at JBS USA

“… in just 8 weeks we had an in-place vision AI solution that was tailored to our operation – and the accuracy was there.”

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