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For Precision Livestock Counting

Stop paying for livestock never received and properly account for Checkoff assessments.

Plainsight combines the latest video and computer vision technologies to help producers and processors:

•  Eliminate manual counting errors to realize more revenue
•  Create auditable records for each shipment/count
•  Deploy vision AI solutions easily and obtain value within days, not months
•  Share centralized dashboards for easy data sharing
•  Improve decision making with highly accurate and consistent data

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Integrate the power of Plainsight vision AI

Streamline Checkoff remittance and automate solutions for producers and processors to quickly and easily improve:

•  Self-Reporting
•  Estimate Accuracy
•  Transit Data
•  Animal Welfare Checks
•  Real-Time Daily Forecasting
•  Supply Chain Transparency

Slash your time to vision AI automation. Deploy in days, not months.

With Plainsight, every step of the machine learning and computer vision workflow is simplified. Because the step-by-step interface is highly visual and doesn’t require code, both technical and non-technical users can manage cameras, build and deploy models and obtain insights quickly and easily.

Easy Integration

Plainsight works flexibly with existing (or new) video cameras and can integrate with existing farm and livestock operations and management systems.

AI Automation

Plainsight continuously detects and monitors objects, situations, behaviors and events to significantly reduce costs and inaccuracies of manual processes.

Informed Decision-Making

Plainsight provides greater insights into farming assets and livestock with accurate and consistent analysis and real-time data logging and notifications.

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