Published on 4/5/22

We are excited to share the notes for our April release of the Plainsight vision AI platform. This update includes support for training new model types, UI improvements and updates to our billing and pricing. 

Along with updates to our Enterprise vision AI platform, we’ll be launching new On-Demand features over the coming weeks to streamline deployment and adoption of Plainsight’s intuitive computer vision solutions. 


  • Free Labels: Accelerate the creation of robust datasets with free unlimited labels.
  • Large File Format Support: Faster loading speed for large and high resolution datasets and/or projects with a large number of labels.
  • Zoom and Pan: Improved pan and scroll mouse interactions for more accurate labeling.


  • Mobile Model Training and Download*: Train and download TFLite models specifically designed and optimized for mobile devices including iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Training and Inferencing with Tiled Images: Slice high-resolution images into tiles in order to detect small objects. Tiled models take image tiles as inputs, creates inferences on each tile, stitches the original image back together, and returns detections for the image as a whole.
  • Regression Models: Label and train models to predict values in images such as an object size, age, or weight.

Terms and Pricing

  • Labels Are Now Free and Unlimited: Stop worrying about cost-per-label pricing and create richer datasets for high-performance models.
  • $100 in Credits: Jump-start your next computer vision project with $100 in credits that let you explore each section of our vision AI platform. 
  • Plainsight On-Demand: With pay-as-you-go pricing, explore our full vision AI platform and pay only for usage and functionality that fits your needs.
*Plainsight Enterprise Feature Only. Contact us for more information.
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