Plainsight Pipelines is the latest addition to our end-to-end vision AI platform and a foundational technology that supports our custom enterprise solution development. This exciting new feature makes it easy to see vision AI success by making visual data workflows repeatable, scalable, and traceable. 

Centralize and streamline visual data workflows: Pipelines supports both streaming inputs for users who need always-on pipelines and batch inputs for making scheduled uploads.

Accelerate computer vision innovation with out-of-the-box models: Plainsight Pipelines includes off-the-shelf models for detecting landmarks, logos, and more than 80 types of common objects.

Run custom created computer vision models: Train custom models within the Plainsight vision AI platform and bring your models into a pipeline to setup custom prediction pipelines.

Apply uniform visual data augmentations at scale: Processing blocks like image resizing, cropping, and tiling provide repeatable and uniform application of visual data augmentations. 

      Get Started with Plainsight Pipelines

      Visual data workflow uniformity is simple with Plainsight Pipelines. Here’s how to get started today.

      Step 1: Access Plainsight Pipelines

      Register for the Plainsight vision AI platform or log into your existing account to get started. 

      Step 2: Select the Appropriate Type of Pipeline and Name It

      With Plainsight Pipelines, you can build, manage, and deploy both batch and streaming pipelines.

      Step 3: Connect Inputs to Your Pipeline

      Streamline data uploads by connecting your pipeline to Google Cloud Storage, Pub/Sub, API Endpoints or Amazon S3 buckets.

      Step 4: Select a Prediction Block

      Choose an off-the-shelf model like logo or landmark detection or select a custom trained computer vision model. 

      Step 5: Apply Transformation Blocks

      Next, apply transformation blocks to crop or resize your visual data.

      Step 6: Define Your Outputs and Publish Your Pipeline

      Finally, once you’ve selected the type of output you’re looking for, it’s time to publish your pipeline.

      Learn More and Share Your Thoughts

      We are excited to launch this new feature to both On-Demand and Enterprise customers and look forward to hearing how Plainsight Pipelines is empowering your business and driving repeatable, traceable and scalable computer vision innovation.

      Next Steps:

      1. Learn more about Plainsight Pipelines in our support documentation
      2. Email us your feedback and questions.
      3. Reach out via our community Slack channel to share your thoughts with our team.
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