Now infused with Machine Learning (ML), Sixgill® Sense includes features for model training and deployment to the Cloud, on the Edge, or both.

SANTA MONICA, CA, JUNE 13, 2019 – Sixgill, LLC, the leader in data automation and authenticity for sensor-informed Internet of Everything (IoE) applications, has unveiled Sense™ Machine Learning (ML), a major addition to the company’s Sense data automation product suite.

Sense ML provides for easy and rapid deployment and lifecycle management of training data and ML models, at scale. When deployed on the Edge, Sense ML pushes the power of Sense capabilities to the sources of data creation—the Edge devices themselves.

Sense Provides A Unified ML Experience

Overall, Sixgill Sense powers unified sensor data automation for rapid, uniform development of IoE applications for a vast range of use cases. With the addition of user-friendly Machine Learning tools and services, Sixgill makes it easier for organizations to get started with machine learning algorithms for sensor data and eliminates the dangers of siloed and unshare-able ML training data and models. On the Edge, Sense ML enriches sensor data at the source to provide greater data context and resolution. This ensures more accurate measurement, deeper contextualization, real-time actionability and data quality assurance.

Cameras, and the intensive data they produce, are ideally suited for Edge deployment with Sense ML. For high-performance data capture and processing, the Sense Vision ML Data Pipeline transforms camera imagery for deep learning and frame-by-frame analysis, real-world insights and instant actionability.

By processing data at the Edge, on the cameras themselves, there is no need to send data to servers or the Cloud. This immediacy and privacy protection are crucial for use cases such as worksite monitoring for policy compliance, space occupancy and utilization, and guest experience services.

Sense ML maximizes the value of organizations’ real-time intelligence with full-scale automation that with training gets smarter over time. Sense ML is:

  • Complete: Provides data scientists, application developers, CTOs, CIOs and others a backbone system, from data collection, to processing, discovery, and automation with options for existing or Sixgill model creation, model training and deployment
  • Efficient: Lowers latency and cost with Edge deployment, improving speed and accuracy of real-time responses, as well as filtering and management of data flow to the Cloud
  • Flexible: Allows for implementation with or without ML capabilities, as well as connection to internal or third-party systems and analytics packages
  • Integrated: Unites Sense with other Sixgill products such as Sixgill Integrity for Blockchain-based data authenticity and permanent auditability
  • Intuitive: Enables customers to easily and visually monitor and manage devices, datasets, rules and actions, live metrics, reporting, and more with full-featured dashboards

Optimize Data Automation Today to Future-Proof Internal Systems

With Sixgill Sense, organizations are able to master the new challenge of managing unceasing flows of sensor-generated “time-series” data. This data differs from “record-oriented” data that legacy systems were designed to handle. Sense was built to ingest time-series data streams at any scale or velocity, organize it, separate actionable events from the noise, and automate appropriate responses – in real time.

Sense ML is in Sixgill Sense today and can be applied across a wide range of use cases in areas such as smart cities, smart buildings, smart construction, hospitality, retail, worksite optimization, logistics, transportation and others.

“Sense ML elevates data automation in Sense to enable applications to be truly sensing and adaptive in real time,” says Phil Ressler, CEO of Sixgill. “Sixgill’s capabilities will help organizations of all types use machine learning and edge computing for intelligent data automation at scale.”

Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting firm that tracks emerging technologies and companies to watch, recently profiled Sixgill as a “leading provider of IoT data services” in a report on new data security technologies. You can view or download the Frost & Sullivan report on the Sixgill website, here.

About Sixgill

Sixgill provides a full suite of universal sensor data automation products and services that enable organizations to govern IoE assets. With Sixgill, organizations easily acquire, analyze and act on any sensor-generated data, at any velocity or scale. Meeting the increasing necessity for end-to-end sensor data management, process automation and analytics for sensor-informed operations, Sixgill offers Sense for sensor data enrichment and automation, Sense Visibility for ML-based camera data intelligence, and Integrity for blockchain-based authenticity. To learn more, visit

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