Funds will fuel launch of new Sixgill® IoE Sensor Data Services Platform

SANTA MONICA, CA, September 14, 2017 – Sixgill, LLC, the leader in sensor data services for governing IoE, announced it has completed terms of a Series B funding that will total $27.9 million when fully drawn. The round is led by an affiliate of DRW Venture Capital, which invests in financial and enterprise technology. Mobile Financial Partners, of Alexandria, VA, is also participating.

First close funding in this Series B has underwritten the transformation from the company’s groundbreaking proximity services platform, to an enterprise-grade sensor data management platform and product suite. Since joining as CEO to lead these efforts, Phil Ressler has put in place a top tier team which will use the balance of the Series B funds to grow both the business and the scope of the company’s premier IoE data services platform.

“Cheap and plentiful sensors are penetrating every corner of the enterprise, generating valuable data and creating a vast opportunity to make any organization smarter and more responsive,” said Harry Hopper, founder & managing partner at Mobile Financial Partners. “Sixgill is building the foundation data services that can help every industry tap the next leg of productivity growth.”

Sixgill’s primary product, Sense – a universal sensor data services platform – is essential for companies facing new challenges in governing their Internet of Everything (IoE) assets and building sensor-informed applications for IoT, IIoT and IoE. Such task-specific applications are needed in all industries to manage torrents of new sensor data and exploding numbers of connected assets that include people, places and things.

“Successfully governing IoE requires capturing all of the sensor and contextual data, pinpointing relevant data intersections from noisy streams, and triggering automated responses to pertinent events quickly,” said Ressler. “Our data services platform offers total flexibility for organizations to develop responsive, sensing IoE applications with no limits on data sources, data-diversity, applications or scale.”

Sixgill Sense™ data services are already proven in the field. Sense supports applications available on over 50 million devices by a major U.S. carrier, and has powered crowd management and audience communications at large events in the U.S. and Europe.

View a two-minute animated explainer video on Sense here.

About Sixgill

Sixgill builds universal sensor data and automation services that enable organizations to govern IoE assets. Our Sense IoE platform offers developers the ability to acquire, analyze and act on any sensor-generated data, at any velocity or scale. Sense can acquire sensor data from any emitter or gateways, and distill actionable intelligence for quick, programmatic response. Sixgill offers customers a single powerful platform to unify sensor data management, process automation and analytics for all sensor-informed applications. Visit for more information.

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