Our data annotation toolset for computer vision has moved online. Check out the product page to learn about the new features. 

It’s been well over a year since we originally launched the public version of our computer vision labeling too, formerly known as HyperLabel. Since then we’ve gained hundreds of users, and plenty of insights about what users needed to make computer vision data annotation faster, better, and smarter. 

Our goal has been to make the best data annotation tool possible that works for everyone, so we took what users loved about HyperLabel, and added the most requested features. 

Features users already loved in HyperLabel:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Multiple datasource connections
  • Custom schemas for rectangles, polygons, feature points, text, and classification.
  • Supported label export formats in COCO, YOLO, Pascal VOC, Create ML, an JSON.

New requested features available in Sense Data Annotation:

  • Cross-platform support for any operating system
  • Smart AI assisted labeling tools
  • Team collaboration
  • Data and labeling progress backed up online
  • Train, test, and validation split
  • Automatic updates for latest features and improvements
  • Seamless integration with our Sense platform for machine learning lifecycle management 

In order to deliver the best experience for these new features we decided to move the entire labeling process online in our Sense Data Annotation toolset

Our roadmap is packed with new features that will make the data annotation and machine learning process easier for all. 

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