Custom Solutions To Accelerate Your Business

Combining computer vision expertise with practical domain knowledge, we deliver full vision AI services and enterprise-ready solutions to meet your business challenges.

Enterprise Solutions Powered By Vision AI

Rely on us to tap the full value of your visual data with valuable enterprise solutions customized for your use cases. From concept through deployment, our team delivers a full suite of vision AI services to meet your project needs to maximize business value and increase your competitive advantage.

We’ll work closely with you to easily and quickly automate and operationalize vision AI consistently and reliably to make better decisions, create new product lines, and increase revenue streams.


Managed Labeling as a Service

Our skilled data annotation team will take on your labeling projects to produce fast, accurate image and video annotations for high-quality training datasets.

Labeling projects include:

  • Project Scope & Understanding
  • Data Review & Labeling Requirements
  • Perform Labeling
  • Data Export & Delivery

Model Building as a Service

Our engineers will build, train and deliver high-quality custom computer vision models to meet your specific requirements, cost effectively and within deadlines. Custom models can be delivered for your own integration and deployment, or they can be deployed within Sense for your control and ongoing lifecycle management.

An example project might include:

  • Project Scope & Understanding
  • Model Definition
  • Model Building & Training
  • Model Delivery

Let’s discuss how we can remove the bottlenecks from your computer vision projects.

Services That Exceed Expectations

We provide true innovation to our customers that meets even the most demanding use cases and solves industries’ most challenging problems. Our expertise is rooted in solid research, custom solution development, cutting edge engineering, and field-tested customer success.
Innovation Excellence

Our deeply experienced Innovation Team is involved in every custom project, helping to design the best approach to take your solutions from concept through successful production.

Cross-Domain Skills

Fueling our creativity when tackling industries’ most challenging problems, our team is made up of experts across markets with the latest machine learning and computer vision technologies and years of hands-on project know-how.

Close Collaboration

With unmatched creativity, deep skillsets and adherence to best practices, the team will work collaboratively to accelerate your vision AI success and business value.

How Can We Help?


Whether you’re just beginning to develop vision AI concepts for your organization, or you have defined project requirements and need to execute, our enterprise services are designed to enable organizations at any level of expertise with the streamlined ability to harness the power of computer vision.

Vision AI Simply Done

Every team within organizations across industries can benefit from vision AI solutions.


Fever & PPE Detection
Occupancy & Distancing Monitoring
Cleaning & Disinfecting Compliance

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Drug R&D Acceleration
Clinical Trial Optimization
Medical Imaging

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Supply Chain

Product/Goods Count & Tracking
Shipment On-Off Loading Monitoring
Product Compromise Detection

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Real-Time Leak Detection
Remote Tank-Level Monitoring
Proactive Maintenance

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Livestock Count & Health Monitoring
Crop Disease Detection
Product Grading & QA/QC Packaging

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Worker Productivity Optimization
Process/Task Monitoring & Compliance
Worker Count & Tracking By Trade

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Across all industries, there’s an urgent need to accurately screen all people coming into a facility, or area, and automate the detection of fever and assure compliance with PPE policies.


Plainsight’s platform enables organizations to use the power of video cameras to help identify threats in real time. Plainsight-built models allow for non-contact preventative monitoring and screening and real-time alerting and data logging of events. Models include thermographic fever scanning, mask (and other PPE) compliance detection.