Plainsight’s Co-Founder & CPO, Elizabeth Spears, featured in podcast with Bridget Martin of Intel® to discuss AI for All

In a recent Insight.Tech podcast, Plainsight’s Co-Founder & CPO, Elizabeth Spears, recently had a conversation with Bridget Martin, Director of Industrial AI & Analytics of the Internet of Things Group at Intel®. Their discussion covered the new opportunities for businesses to succeed to integrate AI by making it faster, easier, and more accessible across entire teams and industries.

 “For those just starting out, it’s key to know that a career doesn’t need to be planned in advance. Remember that you are always building your team in and outside of work. Find the people in every job, organization or group who are really good at what they do. Find people who are instinctually supportive and then lean into those relationships. You’ll end up with a great group of people to work with, the ability to lift those people up whenever you have the chance, and if nothing else, a great group of friends.”

In this episode, Elizabeth, and Bridget explore the topics of AI adoption, answering questions from’s Kenton Williston, exploring topics such as:

  • The rapid evolution of AI and computer vision
  • The unexpected use cases coming from advancements of AI
  • How companies can help make AI more accessible
  • The biggest challenges industries face when adopting AI
  • How to get organizations to start thinking differently about AI
  • The benefits of democratizing AI and computer vision
  • How organizations can best get started with AI

 “…I feel like often we talk about AI as: the organization has to go through a huge AI transformation, and it has to be this gigantic investment, and time, and money. But what we find is that when you can implement solutions in weeks, you get these quick wins, and then that is really what starts to build value.”

Hear the full interview below, using your favorite podcast player.

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