This week in AI & Machine Learning: building better AI assistants, tiling for better computer vision, trends in reinforcement learning, and more!

Artificial Intelligence News:


Project CAIRaoke: Building the assistants of the future with breakthroughs in conversational AI

Meta announces project CAIRaoke, a breakthrough in conversation AI. This announcement in research comes as part of Meta’s initiative to bring more AI power into the metaverse. Read the technical details on the Meta AI blog or for more of a summary, check out this post from the BBC.

Tiling in Computer Vision: The Key to Small Object Detection

In our latest blog, we explain why tiling is an important technique used in computer vision for detecting small objects in high-resolution images. Read more on the official Plainsight blog.

Trends in Deep Reinforcement Learning with Kamyar Azizzadenesheli

In this episode of TWiML, Kamyar Azizzadenesheli discusses the trends in reinforcement learning and why there is a perception of development slowing.

A majority of consumers believe AI will positively impact the next decade.

A new study suggests that most consumers feel like AI positively impacts products and are even happy to tune preferences if it improves the experience. Read the complete analysis on VentureBeat.

Probing Image-Language Transformers for Verb Understanding

Google’s DeepMind asks whether multimodal transformers can perform well on verb translation to images. Read the results on the official DeepMind blog.

Can Machine Learning Models Overcome Biased Datasets?

Adam Zewe, from the MIT News Office, dives into why machine learning models can be biased and highlights potential solutions for overcoming it. Read the post at MIT News.

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