This week in AI & Machine Learning: Deepmind’s MuZero, AI Infinite bass solo, Facebook AI interoperability, Natural Graph Networks, Waymo, and more.

Artificial Intelligence News:

This AI Plays an Infinite Bass Solo  

Listen to this deep learning model jam out in an infinite bass solo on a youtube live stream. The model was trained by dadabots on an original two hour improvised bass solo by Adam Neely. I’m ready for more interesting new AI music.

AI Robot Walks with a Broken Leg, with a New Adaptive Way of Learning

Learn how this robot can overcome issues and be adaptive to new environments with something called “Hebbian Learning”

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What’s In Store For 2021?

Check out some thoughts published on forbes about what’s to come in 2021 for the AI field.

Developer Tools & Education:

How to create your own object detector and dataset for computer vision

Learn how to create your own datasets and models for object detection.  

Detecting ArUco markers with OpenCV and Python

This is the 2nd part in pyimagesearch’s series about using ArUco markers. Learn how to detect them with OpenCV.

Reengineering Facebook AI’s deep learning platforms for interoperability

Learn how Facebook AI is re-engineering it’s AI systems to be more interoperable. And check out how Pytorch lighting is involved!


Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:

Dmitri Dolgov: Waymo and the Future of Self-Driving Cars | Lex Fridman

Listen to this conversation with Dmitri Dolgov, the CTO of Waymo (Google’s Self-Driving car company) to dive deep into the autonomous vehicle industry and the problems they tackle.

Hey, Mr. DJ: Super Hi-Fi’s AI Applies Smarts to Sound | NVIDIA

Join Brendon Cassidy, CTO and chief scientist at Super Hi-Fi to learn how they use artificial intelligence to give everyone the experience of a radio station tailored to their unique tastes.

Natural Graph Networks with Taco Cohen | TWiML

Join this very interesting conversation about equivariant networks, generative video compression, Natural Graph Networks and more.


Notable Research Papers:

Some of the interesting machine learning papers published this week.

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