This week in AI & Machine Learning: AlphaCode can do competitive programming, pitfalls of AI ethics, cleaning robots taking inventory, Cruise opens self-driving transportation to the public, and more!

Authors Note:

We are excited to preview our latest Plainsight vision AI platform release. This update includes the public release of SmartML, our no-code model training feature, the ability to deploy models via API endpoints within the platform, and much more. Read the full release notes here.

Artificial Intelligence News:

DeepMind Introduces AlphaCode

Creating a system that can generate code and develop creative solutions to problems is a fantastic accomplishment! DeepMind has announced a new AI system named AlphaCode that can rank in competitive programming competitions. Read more about AlphaCode on the official DeepMind blog.

Click AI Radio: Pitfalls of AI Ethics with Elizabeth Spears

Plainsight’s Co-Founder & CPO, Elizabeth Spears, returns to the Click AI Radio Podcast to discuss overcoming the pitfalls of machine learning, including model bias, accuracy, fraud, and ethics. Listen to the full episode below or on your favorite podcast app.

Cleaning Robots Can Do More!

Sam’s Club adds inventory scanning capabilities to an existing fleet of cleaning robots used in stores. This is an excellent example of adding new capabilities to existing infrastructure with computer vision. Read more about this story on ZDNet.

Cruise Opens Self-Driving Transportation to the Public

Cruise has opened up rides in their fleet of robot taxis for the public to try. Most people say fully autonomous self-driving cars are a few years away, but Cruise says you can ride one in San Francisco today! If you’re in the bay area, you can sign-up on their website at

Body Segmentation with MediaPipe in TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow.js released two new body pose estimation and segmentation models to run directly in browsers with TensorFlow.js. Read how you can get started quickly on the official TensorFlow blog.

The DeepMind Podcast Finally Returns!

After a more than two-year hiatus, the DeepMind podcast returns with Hannah Fry as the host! Read all about what’s in store for the new episodes on the official DeepMind blog.

Scaling Data-Intensive Real-Time Applications — with Matthew Russell

This week the SuperDataScience podcast hosts Mathew Russel, CEO of Strongest fitness app, to discuss scaling data-intensive applications for real-time predictions. Listen before or visit SuperDataScience for the full show notes.

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