This week in AI & Machine Learning: Neuralink in a monkey, Boston Dynamic product expansion, freecodecamp machine learning, MIT Introduction to Deep Learning, intro to NLP, and more.

Artificial Intelligence News:

Neuralink has Wired up a Monkey to Play Video Games Using its Mind

Earlier this year at a Neuralink (Elon Musk’s brain-machine interface company) demonstration with 3 pigs, a popular question was “Will this technology ever be used for gaming?”. Well we didn’t have to wait too long! Elon says they have been able to successfully wire neuralink to a monkey, and are experimenting with it trying to play a form of pong. Though it will surely be awhile before you can play starcraft with only your brain, going from pigs to monkeys in just several months seems like a big milestone for the brain computing interface world.

Boston Dynamic Expands the Spot Product Line

Chances are high you’ve seen at least one video Spot, the doglike robot by Boston Dynamic.

The Spot product line has now expanded to include an enterprise version of the robot, an online platform for easier control, and the arm attachment. The expansion also included new partnerships for sensors. I’m really excited to see how Spot is used in work environments, especially when it’s to enhance employee safety.

Amazon Plans AI-Powered Cameras in Delivery Vans to Improve Driver Safety

Amazon is installing AI-powered cameras by netradyne into its delivery fleet to improve driver safety. Netradyne devices can capture distracted driving, and driving behavior to flag for improvement. I think it’s likely we will see more companies and drivers using devices similar to these like the openpilot by to enhance driving.

Developer Tools & Education:

Freecodecamp is building Data Science Curriculum with Advanced Mathematics and Machine Learning

Freecodecamp is now officially expanding its curriculum to offer machine learning after many amazing success stories with web development, python, and data analysis.

OpenCV Histogram Equalization and Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE)

In this week’s pyimagesearch tutorial, you will learn to perform both histogram equalization and adaptive histogram equalization with OpenCV.

MIT Introduction to Deep Learning 2021 Refresh

MIT posted their updated introduction to deep learning for 2021

Face Recognition with ArcFace

Learn how it’s possible to distinguish between multiple faces using ArcFace, OpenCV, and deep learning.


Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:

Making Machines More Human: Best-Selling Author Brian Christian on the Alignment Problem | NVIDIA

Christian has just released his newest book, The Alignment Problem, which delves into the disparity that occurs when AI models don’t do exactly what they’re intended to do.

Cooking up synthetic data with Gretel | Practical AI

Listen to this episode of practical AI to learn about creating synthetic data for automated data labeling, and more!

Expressive Deep Learning with Magenta DDSP w/ Jesse Engel | TWiML

Learn about creativity AI, and the role Magenta plays in helping express creativity through ML and deep learning. 

Notable Research Papers:

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