This week in AI & Machine Learning: Saving animals in the rainforest, rescuing humans, digital twins, AWS re:invent, Very Deep VAE, and more!

Artificial Intelligence News:

Google Enables Machine Learning for Gunshot Recognition in the Rainforest

Last week we talked about saving elephants with machine learning and opencollar. This week we have more cool news about big tech companies working to save endangered animals! Check out how Google is using machine learning to detect gunshots in the rainforest to monitor for illegal poaching activities. 


Using artificial intelligence to help drones find people lost in the woods

AI isn’t just good for saving endangered species, it’s also helping save people! Learn how researchers at Kepler University are using computer vision to improve thermal imaging cameras on drones to help find people lost in the woods. 

Combining hardware such as drones and thermal cameras with the power of deep learning truly allows us to solve complex problems like never before!

Big pharma is using AI and machine learning in drug discovery and development to save lives

We must be on a saving lives with AI theme this week! Read how the pharmaceutical industry is using AI, and where they need to improve. This article points out pharma’s slower moving pace in AI adoption vs other healthcare markets. Read more about how you can utilize machine learning in the pharmaceutical space here.


Developer Tools & Education:

I think much less was published this week due to Thanksgiving, but here are some neat things I saw. 

Navigating Recorder Transcripts Easily, with Smart Scrolling

Google launches new ML feature for smart scrolling recorder transcripts. This makes it even easier to quickly see the important keywords and sections in a large amount of text. A pretty nifty little feature that could improve the user experience.  

Building image pairs for siamese networks with Python

Learn how to build and use siamese neural networks in python. This tutorial covers how to generate image pairs and lays a foundation for understanding the model architecture for further uses. 

Open AI’s Very Deep VAE

Open AI published results from their new Very Deep VAE (Variational Auto Encoder). I love messing around with generative deep learning models and this may be next on my list of experiments. 

Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:

Erik Brynjolfsson: Economics of AI, Social Networks, and Technology | Lex Fridman Podcast

This podcast covers a lot of topics around artificial intelligence: Autonomous vehicles, Economics of innovation, GPT-3, How will AI change our world and much more!

Real-World Applications of Digital Twins | SDS

A few weeks ago we had a news article using digital twins to help aerospace engineering. Dive much deeper into the top of digital twins and their real world applications in this episode of super data science with Theunis Barnard. 

An Exploration of Coded Bias – Panel Discussion | TWiML

Bias in AI systems continues to be a hot topic for good reasons. Listen to this panel discuss the potential impact across multiple fields and and communities

Common Sense as an Algorithmic Framework with Dileep George

Listen to this conversation with Dileep George to learn about his stance on the importance of mimicking the human brain for AI, Recursive Cortical Networks, Schema Networks, and more. 


Notable Research Papers:

Some of the interesting machine learning papers published this week.

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