This week in AI & Machine Learning: Adobe AI features, AI Alzheimer’s predictions, Adversarial images and attacks, Learning to Drive with Neural Nets, Feature Stores for MLOps, and more!

Artificial Intelligence News:

Adobe Launches New AI powered features

This week, Adobe held its 2020 creative conference, Adobe MAX. Among the over 350 sessions and hundreds of speakers, Adobe showed off some really neat new AI-powered features that are available now in the Creative Cloud suite. It’s exciting to see so many cool features utilize neural filters in a single release. Check out the video below to see a preview! 


IBM and Pfizer Believe Machine Learning Can Predict Alzheimer’s Risk

Artificial Intelligence researchers at IBM and Pfizer have been working on a model to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The AI model uses samples from a verbal test and is reported to have a higher accuracy than current prediction methods. 

FDA highlights the need to address bias in AI

As machine learning and AI make their way into more fields, addressing bias in the systems has never been more important. In this article, learn about how much the FDA is stressing the need for diversity in datasets–especially when it comes to the healthcare industry. No matter the field, I think data and model bias should be something everyone pays attention to. 

Developer Tools & Education:

PyTorch Lightning 1.0: From 0–600k

Last week, we talked about the announcement of pytorch lighting, but this week you can read much more about the launch, features and API. 

Adversarial images and attacks with Keras and TensorFlow

Learn about creating adversarial images to trick neural networks with tensorflow. Later in this series you will learn how to defend against them. 

Apply Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) launches a third course on generative adversarial networks (GANs). Learn more about how to apply GANs in the real world and implement more advanced forms like Pix2Pix.

Openmined is looking for mentors

Openmined is looking for mentors to help out with various aspects in their community. Check out the description in the google form for more information.

Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:

Notable Research Papers:

Some of the interesting machine learning papers published this week.

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