This week in AI & Machine Learning: Self-supervised learning, 2022 computer vision predictions, new Coral dev board for edge machine learning, Meta’s cutting-edge AI supercomputer, and more!

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Artificial Intelligence News:

2022 Computer Vision Application Predictions:

Carlos Anchia, Co-Founder & CEO of Plainsight, shares his predictions for computer vision applications in 2022. Read the full article on the Plainsight blog.

“… we will continue to be amazed by the innovative use of vision AI. This year, in agriculture alone, cameras and vision AI models were used for everything from identifying individual cows to counting sheep, to tracking animal health, to harvesting robots, to identifying pests and predicting farm production yields.”


Yann LeCun: Dark Matter of Intelligence and Self-Supervised Learning

Metas Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCunn appears twice in a row in our weekly AI roundup! This week he joins Lex Fridman to discuss self-supervised learning, multimodal learning, Facebook AI research, challenges of machine learning, and much more. The conversation does a great job describing the current state of AI and where the research is going.

AI Adoption in Restaurants Continues to Skyrocket:

QSR magazine looks at the virtually endless possibilities of AI in restaurants. I believe these trends will continue in the years to come. Read the QSR Magazine article here.

Google Announces the Coral Dev Board Micro

Coral dev boards allow machine learning models to process data locally instead of transferring the data online for predictions. This process, often called edge machine learning, can be necessary for privacy, prediction times, and reducing cost.

The newest Coral product (coming soon) will make prototyping low-powered embedded machine learning systems easier.

“The Coral Dev Board Micro is a microcontroller board with a built-in camera, microphone, and Coral Edge TPU, allowing you to quickly prototype and deploy low-power embedded systems with on-device ML inferencing.”

Read all the tech specs on the official product listing.

The AI Research SuperCluster — Meta’s Cutting-edge AI Supercomputer for AI Research

Meta announces their AI Research SuperCluster (RSC), one of the world’s fastest AI supercomputers. Meta researchers are already using RSC to train natural langue processing and computer vision models.

About Plainsight:

Plainsight’s vision AI platform streamlines the end-to-end machine learning process. From data annotation through deployment, customers quickly create and successfully operationalize their own vision AI applications to solve highly diverse business challenges.

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