This week in AI & Machine Learning: Amazon Astro, AI adoption is skyrocketing, super resolution, sensor guided optical flow, accelerating start-up growth with machine learning and more.

    My Top AI Highlight:

    Amazon Launches “Astro”, an Ambitious Take at Household Robots

    This week Amazon launched Astro, an experimental robot that can autonomously navigate and patrol your household. Of course it comes with Alexa built-in to understand voice commands, but it also has plenty of sensors to help with its navigation and following abilities. Including a periscope camera that can be used to check higher surfaces.

    Astro also comes equipped with a decently sized display that can be used for video calling and showing the robots expressions.

    This is a very ambitious next step for Alexa and Amazon’s smart home devices. I’ll be curious to see how many people adopt Astros into their homes, and look forward to the new use cases this personal home robot will unlock.

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