This week in AI & Machine Learning: The NFL tackles CTE with AI, A roomba that avoids dog poop,  NOLS keyhole imaging, AI that writes its own code, deep reinforcement learning, and more!

Author’s Note:

Greetings! Sage is out this week on vacation, but we couldn’t leave our AI Weekly fans without an AI Weekly! Lots of exciting happenings this week in the AI world; but if I’m  being honest the poop avoiding roomba ranks  pretty high on my list–iykyk. Anyone else have a pumpkin spice latte this week or was that just me?

My Top AI Highlight:

NFL and AWS Launch Artificial Intelligence Challenge to Crowdsource Ways to Automate Player Identification using NFL Game Footage

The NFL kicked off this week, and in partnership with Amazon Web Services have launched an open source contest that aims to help reduce injuries on the field–specifically identifying and tracking players involved in helmet impact.

The initiative aims to help the NFL monitor and prevent occurences of Chronic Traumatic Encephalitis or CTE, a so far incurable and minimally treatable, brain injury known to occur in people who experience repeated head trauma.

Simulation of a Computer Vision Model analyzing game footage.

” This competition is foundational in helping identify each player’s risk to injury-causing events, especially when it comes to head health.”

The contest is open until November 2nd and there is $100,000 in total prize money up for grabs. You can check out the official rules here.


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