This week in AI & Machine Learning: Are humanoid robots the future, recreating voices, AI movie directors, self-supervised anomaly detection, infinite memory transformers, and more!

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My Top AI Highlight:

Agility Robotics’ Digit gets a warehouse gig

Humanoid robots are not a new concept, but after the “Tesla bot” was announced at Tesla’s AI Day, there has been a debate around the efficiency of a humanoid design.

Boston Dynamics, who arguably has the most advanced humanoid robot, has even opted to explore other designs in their commercially available warehouse robot and robotic dog spot.

Agility Robotics is going a different route with Digit, their commercially available humanoid robot designed to work in an existing environment made for humans.

“Imagine robots thoughtfully designed to be helpful and approachable, constructed to work beside people, in spaces built for people.”

The future of robotics, humanoid or any other form factor is super exciting!

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