This week in AI & Machine Learning: Why you should want driverless cars now, NVIDIA’s new Alias Free GAN, AI for agricultural in Washington, Triton GPU programming, and much more!

Top AI Highlights this Week :

Why You Should Want Driverless Cars On Roads Now

Derek Muller (a.k.a Veritasium) explores why how close we are to having fully autonomous vehicles become mainstream on the roads, and if they’re safer than human driven vehicles.

This video shows Waymo’s (Google’s) self-driving car progress and brings up some great questions about the future of the self-driving industry.

NVIDIA’s new Alias Free GAN

NVIDIA’s new Alias free GAN is capable of generating much more realistic looking faces not only in images but also in videos by better handling complex textures! Check out the video below or read the paper and see more examples here.

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