This week in AI & Machine Learning: OpenAI: Creating Images from Text, baking ML recipes, the future of farming, JupyterLab 3.0, Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course, Trends in Computer Vision, and more.

Artificial Intelligence News:


Open AI – DALL·E: Creating Images from Text

Named after Salvador Dalí and WALL·E, OpenAI’s new transformer language model DALL·E is offering some mind blowing image generation results from taking a few english words as parameters. The capabilities of controlling attributes, drawing multiple objects, understanding perspective, inferring context, and even visualizing internal or external structures is indeed incredibly impressive. I highly recommend reading more about this approach and playing around with inputs on the official blog post.

The Future of Farming is Happening Today with AI

Read about some of the current interesting areas of research around applications of AI and farming, why the agriculture industry may be behind the curve, and how the University of Florida plans to move AI and agriculture ahead.

At Sixgill, we’re no strangers to implementing AI to solve problems in agriculture! If you have any questions about how AI can potentially help you, feel free to Contact us.

Google AI concocts ‘breakie’ and ‘cakie’ hybrid baked goods

I think our potential new AI overlords are figuring out ways to make sure we don’t rebel by creating delicious(?) new foods? These results actually come from “breaking” a text-based receipt classifier in Google’s AutoML table tool. I am always so intrigued when AI inspires us to make or learn something new. 


Developer Tools & Education:


Google Launches Machine Learning Crash Course

Google launched a new machine learning crash course with TensorFlow APIs, real-world case studies, and about 15 hours of content. 

Python Jupyter Notebooks in Excel

I don’t know who wanted this… But, whoever you are, you can now use jupyter notebooks inside excel.

JupyterLab 3.0 is released

The 3.0 release of JupyterLab brings many new features to users and substantial improvements to the extension system. Check out the blog post for a list of all the features.

OpenCV Augmented Reality (AR)

The latest pyimagesearch post continues the series on ArUco markers. This time, utilizing them to create augmented reality applications in OpenCV.

Hands-On Image Generation with TensorFlow: A practical guide to generating images and videos using deep learning

I’ve been excited for this book to come out! It has some really great examples of how to build image generation applications with deep learning. You can buy a copy here, and checkout the github repo here.

Interesting Podcasts & Interviews:


Dan Kokotov: Speech Recognition with AI and Humans | Lex Fridman

Listen to Dan Kokotov (VP of Engineering at talk about automatic speech recognition, translation, creating products that people love, and more. 

Charles Isbell and Michael Littman: Machine Learning and Education | Lex Fridman

Listen to Charles Isbell & Michael Littman discuss machine learning vs. statistics, NeurIPS vs ICML, what data is more important than algorithms, and much more.

Trends in Computer Vision with Pavan Turaga | TWiML

This episode of TWiML AI rewind reviews the trends happening in the past year for computer vision and provides some predictions for 2021.

Trends in Natural Language Processing with Sameer Singh | TWiML

This episode of TWiML AI rewind reviews the trends happening in the past year for natural language processing and provides some predictions for 2021.

Trends in Reinforcement Learning with Pablo Samuel Castro | TWiML

This episode of TWiML AI rewind reviews the trends happening in the past year for reinforcement learning and provides some predictions for 2021.


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