This week in AI & Machine Learning: The last roundup of the year with 2021 highlights, Combating patient loneliness with AI, AI Dungeon’s creators are launching a new platform, massive-scale machine vision and more!

Authors note:

This will be the last AI roundup of 2021. The Plainsight team will be taking some time off for the holidays, but we’ll return to our weekly posting in the first week of the new year with a lot more AI content and some exciting product updates!

Since it’s a short week and a slower time for industry news I’ve included some of my top highlights from the last year.

Some of My Top 2021 AI Highlights:

Detecting Unwanted & Hazardous Objects with Vision AI

Our post on how vision AI can be used to prevent damage and contamination by detecting unwanted material during processing and manufacturing got some great press. Including a large segment on The Next Byte Podcast!

Teaching Intro to Computer Vision: Building Object Detection Models and Datasets

In 2021 I personally had the pleasure of teaching well over a thousand attendees at live events about computer vision and data annotation. I’m excited to do many more events in the new year! You can fine upcoming events at

Our post on using vision AI for accurate livestock monitoring at scale outlines the steps used for tracking complex objects for counting or monitoring, such as the sheep pictured above. You can also check out more vision AI agriculture use cases here!

How Plainsight created a no-code ML platform on Google Cloud

Plainsight’s CEO and Co-Founder, Carlos Anchia, sat down with Google Cloud Developer Advocate, Priyanka Vergadia to discuss the architecture of Plainsight’s vision AI Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace. Plainsight joined Google Cloud Marketplace in July 2021 with a no-code vision AI platform for enterprise cloud users.

Early in the year we had a lot of fun using Plainsight’s computer vision platform to take a guess at how many Major Melon bottles were in the Mountain Dew Super Bowl challenge!

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