This week in AI and ML news: Google offers chat summaries, Meta’s new gaming AI beats human opponents, and more.

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AI News

Google Chat Offers Conversation Summaries

Google recently introduced a summary feature to Google Docs, helping organizations more quickly share information as they collaborate in new hybrid work environments. This week, Google unveiled a similar feature for summarizing conversations in Spaces. The productivity-boosting feature makes use of abstractive summarization to build summaries, necessitating the creation of a dataset called ForumSum, which helps supplement a gap in the availability of multi-person conversation data.

Visit Google’s AI blog to learn more about how the tech giant developed and refined Pegasus, the abstract summarization model that powers this new feature. 

The Tech on Display at Qatar 2022

The run-up to international soccer’s biggest event was especially hectic this time around, with schedule changes and a slew of controversies affecting Qatar 2022 before a single match was played. With the 22nd World Cup now underway, the on-field action has already proven exciting. Saudi Arabia’s 2-to-1 upset of Lionel Messi’s Argentinian team was among the most surprising finishes in World Cup history and has soccer fans wondering what could possibly happen next.  

In addition to world-class athletes, spectators in Qatar and around the world will get a look at cutting-edge technology, including a ball that promises to fundamentally change soccer. Fitted with sensors and reporting on its position 500 times each second, Adidas’ new ball has already been tested around the world. The Washington Post explores more of the game-changing technology on display in Qatar, including video assistant referees and people tracking models.   

CICERO from Meta Outperforms Human Opponents

This week, Meta unveiled CICERO, an AI capable of out-performing some of the best Diplomacy players. The solution not only averaged a score far better than the average human participant, but also ranked among the top ten percent of all players. 

According to Meta’s AI blog, teaching an AI to skillfully play Diplomacy has been considered an important and challenging milestone. Far more complicated than games like chess or poker, Diplomacy requires players to develop complex plans, negotiate with other people, and even form strategic alliances. 

Read more about how Meta developed CICERO and potential future applications for the solution’s natural language processing powers. 

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