This week in AI and Machine Learning: AI-generated video imagery, new FDA guidance, and more. 

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Combining retail and food service, convenience stores invite computer vision integration. The list of potential applications is practically as vast as the selection in your average 7/11 or Wawa. Check out our latest blog to learn more about how vision AI can help transform these mixed retail spaces.

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FDA Proposes Expansions of its AI Oversight

Historically, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has largely steered clear of attempting to regulate AI-powered solutions dealing with electronic health records. The growing role of these solutions, particularly when it comes to advising healthcare providers, has inspired the FDA to publish a new list of AI solutions they believe qualify as medical devices. Though the recommendations are not officially binding, they suggest the FDA is hoping to increase its control over technology in the medical space. 

Among the technologies covered are solutions intended to diagnose conditions including meningitis and sepsis, differentiate between different types of strokes, and build structural maps for better understanding lesions.  

Stat quotes Leo Celi, a Harvard University biostatistician, who believes the FDA should do more to clarify its definitions and the distinctions between them. “There needs to be more public discourse,” he says, “and discussion between all the stakeholders . . . it’s not very clear where the line is between software as a medical device and non-device.” Check out the FDA’ s guidance in full and learn more about responses from the medical and technology communities

Chipotle Invests in the Kitchen of the Future

QSR Magazine reports that Chipotle is investing in an AI-powered kitchen management system equipped with demand-based models for empowering more informed decision making. The brand is also using vision AI to help guide robotic assistants in the kitchen, identifying the correct orders and guiding robots to the appropriate holding areas. In addition to greater throughput, Chipotle reports that these digital assistants help reduce the risk of injuries from hot oil and free up human employees to focus on customer service.

Chipotle is just one of many quick-service restaurants making investments in AI to optimize their kitchens and enhance their customer service. Plainsight, in partnership with Intel and World Wide Technology, recently deployed cameras and custom-built computer vision models to help another large North American chain estimate the weight of popular entrees with greater accuracy than manual approaches or even scales. Learn more about how Plainsight’s solutions and end-to-end support empower leading restaurants

Meta Introduces the DALL-E 2 of Video

This week, Meta introduced Make-A-Video, a new system for turning text prompts into video clips. Make-A-Video represents a milestone in Meta’s research into generative technology, producing detailed videos from text inputs of varying lengths and animating input images. In addition to various examples across different image categories, Meta has shared a research paper detailing the work that went into Make-A-Video as well as next steps for addressing technical limitations. Read more about the new solution, how it relates to Meta’s ongoing efforts, and what it could mean for the future of generative AI and art. 

Speaking of AI-generated imagery, DALL-E 2 is now officially available to users without a waitlist. Here’s what I got when I prompted the solution with simply “vision AI.”

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