This week in AI & Machine Learning: Insights from Plainsight’s team, an argument for reshaping patent law, and more.

A Note from the Author 

It’s been an exciting week for Plainsight’s team:

  • The secondary marketplace is booming, providing retailers a new way to resell goods and shoppers a new way to find often hard-to-find items at an affordable price. Co-founder and CEO Carlos Anchia shared his thoughts on how computer vision is helping the retailers and shoppers both guarantee the authenticity and quality of goods in a new article for Retail IT Insights
  • Elizabeth Spears, Plainsight Co-Founder and CPO, discussed a range of topics with We Are Tech Women. The conversation included tips for early-career AI professionals, thoughts on how business leaders can provide for more ethical, equitable industries, and more.

Artificial Intelligence News

Artificial Intelligence Demands Changes to Patent Law

The bedrock of patent law is built on a fundamental assumption: the inventor is human. With artificial intelligence assisting in global initiatives to develop vaccines, discover new materials, and more, it’s clear that AI could soon account for as many inventions as the humans who deploy it. Writing for Nature, Alexandra George and Toby Walsh caution against trying to update existing patent laws to suit technologies they were never intended to account for. They instead propose a new class of intellectual property law and an international treaty, affecting AI-driven patents all across the world. Read the full proposal

AI Helps a Legend Return to the Screen 

Long-delayed legacy sequel Top Gun: Maverick promises to top the box office over Memorial Day weekend. In addition to newcomers like Miles Teller, Glen Powell, and Jon Hamm, Tom Cruise (who reprises the role of Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell) is joined by returning Top Gun co-star Val Kilmer. Kilmer lost the ability to speak in 2015 following a throat cancer diagnosis and tracheotomy. The actor not only appears on screen in Maverick, but delivers lines thanks to AI from London-based Sonantic. In August, Sonantic showcased a recreation of Kilmer’s voice on YouTube that has earned tens of thousands of views. Learn more about how the start-up helped an iconic actor reclaim his voice and an iconic character return to cinemas. 

Speech Recognition Research for AR and More

Last week, Meta shared a blog detailing a number of its projects related to speech recognition AI. One effort, for example, focuses on improving AI’s ability to recognize uncommon words. From industry jargon to names, there are plenty of words that typical speech recognition AI would never recognize without human intervention. A new alternative to shallow fusion, involving trie-based deep biasing and neural network language model contextualization, has been shown to result in 20% fewer errors. Check out the full blog for more details on this new approach to training speech recognition models as well as several additional ongoing projects. 

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