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If you’re superstitious, Friday the 13th may have you taking extra precautions and watching your step especially closely today. In the workplace, however, both familiar and unexpected hazards can lead to injuries any day of the year. With an unblinking eye and automated alerts, computer vision models can help. Check out our latest blog to learn about vision AI’s powers for keeping workplaces in all industries safe and productive.

AI News 

Meta’s Work for Fairness in Ad Distribution

In hopes of promoting equitable access to advertisements related to employment, housing, and credit opportunities, Meta has spent more than a year working with the Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop its new Variance Reduction System (VRS). While Meta policies have long discouraged advertisers from discriminating against users or posting certain targeted ads, the VRS’s approach leverages machine learning technology to ensure an ad’s total eligible audience suits the way it’s delivered.

The VRS’s reinforcement learning framework starts by evaluating the particular demographic audience an advertiser hopes to reach and measuring the distribution across various demographics as the ad is delivered. Ultimately, the system works to reduce variance in ad delivery while preserving user privacy. Read Meta’s brief summary and detailed whitepaper to learn more about how VRS works and how Meta has overcome challenges. 

Industry Experts Discuss CES Highlights and Lowlights

CES welcomed thousands of tech enthusiasts and some of the world’s leading brands to Las Vegas last weekend to discuss the year ahead and check out innovative new solutions. Naturally, the world of tech journalism has taken notice. Here’s a sample of what industry experts had to say about CES 2023. 

  • Of all the new tech on display at CES, a few innovations stand out as ‘best in show.’ CNET and Forbes selected some of the most impressive things their teams saw this year.
  • On the other end of the spectrum are the gadgets and innovations that had insiders scratching their heads. CNET explores a few of these in their overview, including air-purifying headphones, a toilet paper delivery robot, the smart belt, and more. 
  • 4K? OLED? The Verge explores what this year’s CES taught us about the future of televisions. 
  • Matter was one brand that made an especially notable impact at CES 2023. TechCrunch explores some of the brand’s big announcements. 

Student Invents Plagiarism-Detecting Tech

Generative AI solutions have made waves everywhere, raising questions about the nature of creativity, the value of the human element, and the very future of entire industries. ChatGPT, in particular, has educators worried the floodgates could be open to unchecked plagiarism thanks to the solutions essay-writing prowess. Last week, the New York City school system (the nation’s largest) announced a formal ban on ChatGPT on its devices and networks. 

One Princeton senior, Edward Tian, introduced a solution to address plagiarism concerns earlier this month. GPTZero, Tian says, has already earned positive responses from teachers and professors who’ve tried it out in class. Within a week of its January 2 release, the solution, which quickly differentiates between human- and AI-generated texts, attracted more than 30,000 users. Learn more about GPTZero and other solutions aimed at identifying unethical uses of AI-generated content. 

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