Plainsight Vision Intelligence Filters

If you can use an Instagram Filter and a Spreadsheet you can use Plainsight. And still make your data scientists, engineers, IT, and finance team happy.

Vision Intelligence Filters extract visual data into business insights. We use a powerful combination of visual AI and data science to add business context to any camera feed. Whether it’s in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, or Retail, you can’t run a business if you can’t see what’s happening.

Drive-Through Analysis

Enable drive-through analytics by recording dwell times of customers at different stages in the drive thru experience. Detect when a driving customer leaves a drive-through line before ordering

The Drive-Through Analysis Filter uses standard camera inputs to identify cars in a designated area. It records dwell times of customers at different stages in the drive-through experience to automatically detect when a car leaves a drive-through line before ordering. This information is used by user experience, marketing, and operations systems in restaurant, banking, or pharmacy businesses to predict customer loss due to wait times.

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